National Coming Out Day


Hunter Gray

HunterChild Development Major

I’m not going to lie and say that my journey has been easy. Being my authentic self has caused me a lot of unnecessary pain, but I wouldn’t trade my identity for anything. Being queer has given me a sense of belonging and a reason to keep going. My identity is my lifeline, and I won’t allow anyone take it away from me. Neither should you.

Yajaira Salinas

YajairaBiology Major

For anyone who is anxious or nervous to come out, please find inspiration in your bravery. Remember that we don’t choose who we love or what body we were born into. The fact that you are brave enough to live in your truth and walk in the world as your most authentic self is beyond beautiful. Give yourself grace and love on this journey and know that there are communities of people waiting to embrace you!

Wendy Olmstead

campus imageSustainability Coordinator

People will surprise you. You'll think that they will disown you, walk away, but guess what, they already know and they're still by your side. When you come out, those relationships only get better because now you can say all those things you've both left unsaid. New people will see you, the real you, and they will choose you because you are kind, you are special, and you are lovable. You are human. Like my Mom said when I told her: "I'd love you if you were pink with purple polka dots, ya wanna come over for dinner?"

Rachel Grimshaw

RachelLecturer in English

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but you are perfect the way you are. Be kind to yourself, surround yourself with folks who are kind to you, and know that you are loved.

Tabbitha Raebel

TabbithaFCETL Administrative Support Coordinator II

Every person is on their own path to self-discovery, and when you have to overcome compulsory cis/het normativity, all ages of finding your authentic self are valid. All timeframes for how long that takes are valid. All levels of comfort in being visible are valid. You are valid.

Julie Anaya

JulieCoordinator for Student Organizations and Fraternity/Sorority Life

Being able to be your authentic self in a space is incredibly scary, especially when you are unsure of who is in the room. I know that having a seat at the table allows our voice to be heard. For those who are still silent, please know I support you and I'm here for you! There's always more room at the table.

Stephanie Hubbard

StephanieDirector, Student Leadership and Development

In my life, I have seen the LGBTQ+ community come out of the closet, be featured on TV and movies, and change laws for the better. We make a difference, and our world is a better place because of us! This journey will have many turns as you travel your path – we are here to help you, support you and celebrate the beauty of you!

Alan Berquist

AlanLecturer in Music, Flute

Representation and intersectionality matter more than ever within our communities, living as our authentic selves. You are loved and valued, regardless of your identify or past. The “it gets better” sentiment can often shift power dynamics to outside forces not within our control. YOU get better, because the more you are your amazing self, it reflects back into a better world we build together.

Sarah Bonney

SarahCredential Analyst

As a queer staff member, I want all of our LGBTQ+ Warriors to feel safe to be their authentic selves. You are welcome at Stan State, and we're here to support you!

Lucero Nava

campus imagePsychology Major

love is love


SerenaLiberal Studies Major

Coming out can be very hard. Thankfully I have a family who supports me, but many other people don't have the same experience as I did. I want to make others feel loved when they aren't and let them know it's ok to come out whenever it's your time to.