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Male Success Initiative Program

Male Success Initiative Program. Stanislaus State. Mentorship. Achievement. Leadership. Empowerment.

Published: July 30, 2020

Greetings from our new Male Success Initiative (MSI) 
Program Coordinator!

Hello Warriors!Male Success Initiative. Program Coordinator.

As we gear up for the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, we at the Warrior Cross Cultural Center have been hard at work to continue expanding our efforts in our fight for social justice. This summer we have lived and experienced a tumultuous time with the Covid-19 pandemic and social and political movements in search of a more equitable world. Our vision is and will always be, to respond by challenging systems of oppression through, empathy, continuous self-reflection, and healing. 

Fall 2020 will bring exciting opportunities to continue this work with the launch of the Male Success Initiative (MSI). MSI is being developed to address systemic inequities our men of color face on campus. Our work will revolve around dismantling toxic heteronormative traits that are perpetuated and normalized by dominant male culture. We will empower our students to excel academically and prepare for graduation and career success. We have witnessed enough intolerance amongst gendered identities, it’s time to get to work and advocate for social change.

The Male Success Initiative is committed to creating a lasting impact for our participants and the university community. We invite you to take part of this initiative, it is a great way to get involved on campus. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact the Male Success Initiative via phone at (209) 667-3998 or email at msinitiative@csustan.edu.  

In Community, 

Miguel Jimenez, M.A.
Program Coordinator 
Male Success Initiative 

Male Success Initiative at Stanislaus State


The Male Success Initiative (MSI) at Stanislaus State will foster student growth and academic success by nurturing spaces where men of color feel safe to be purposefully vulnerable, live in their authentic truths, and be empowered to be agents of social change.  MSI will inspire transformative learning through intentional programs, meaningful dialogues, & community building that will advocate for the dismantling of toxic heteronormative traits. The core of our work will revolve around reconstructing and healing from negative ideologies by promoting self-reflection, critical thinking, and empathy.

The Male Success Initiative will proactively equip students with resources and skills to thrive in their educational journey. We aim to engage our participants by organizing a series of programs and services dedicated to addressing systemic inequities, academic achievement gaps, and persistence to graduation. 


In collaboration with campus and community stakeholders, MSI is committed to the academic and career success of traditionally marginalized men. Building upon the four pillars of success: Mentoring, Achievement, Leadership Development, & Empowerment, MSI provides opportunities that will foster growth and holistic wellbeing.

Pillars of Success

Mentoring: We establish a strong network of likeminded individuals to guide and support our members and each other.

Achievement: We aim to increase graduation and retention rates through tailored academic success services and programming.

Leadership Development: We provide transformative leadership opportunities critical to student development and student success.

Empowerment: We will holistically serve our men on campus to heal from toxic gender roles and advance the work of marginalized communities.

Interested in becoming a MSI member?

For more information, please contact the Male Success Initative via phone at (209) 667-3998 or email at msinitiative@csustan.edu

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CSU Campuses 
Male Success Initiative Programs

Youtube Spotlight: 2019 MSA Spring Summit Video

The Male Success Alliance at CSU Dominguez Hills was established in 2009 with a small but significant group of seven outstanding students. Since that time, with tremendous support from CSUDH administration, MSA has grown tremendously and made a significant impact.

Several CSU campuses have paved the way with similar Male Success Initiative programs to empower and support men of color. We invite you to learn more about the following programs:

CSU Fullerton’s
Male Success Initiative 

The purpose of MSI-Fullerton is to
support and advance the potential of
undergraduate men of color by
providing tailored programming and
services that empower brothers with
the skills and knowledge needed to foster
academic success; establish a support
network of mentors; increase graduation
& retention rates; and strengthen the
sense of brotherhood among all CSUF
students who self-identify as men of
color (African American, Hispanic/Latino,
Asian-American/Pacific Islander,
American Indian, and multiracial men,
this also includes men of trans experience).

Learn More

CSU Dominguez Hills
Males Success Alliance

The mission of MSA is to improve
access, retention, and graduation
rates of boys and men of color by
providing academic support, professional
development, and mentoring. The program
aims to support the college and career
success of boys and men of color by
utilizing a holistic approach to promote
brotherhood and community through
cultural awareness and identity

Learn More

CSU Long Beach
Men's Success Initiative

The Men’s Success Initiative (MSI)
seeks to support young men of color
in their academic endeavors at Long
Beach State University. Our goal is to
improve access, retention and graduation
rates by providing academic support,
professional development and mentoring.

Learn More


Campus Resources 

Psychological Counseling Services

Assists students to maintain and enhance
students' psychological, emotional, and
relational wellbeing. PCS facilitates a
successful experience in academic and
social realms for students at
Stanislaus State

Undocumented Student Services

Our program builds a campus culture that
acknowledges, accepts, and integrates
students from diverse backgrounds
regardless of their immigration status.

Basic Needs

Provides valuable resources such as
the Warrior Food Pantry and CalFresh
that provide relief to students
experiencing food insecurity.

Student Health Center

A fully accredited outpatient clinic
that provides primary medical care,
health education, wellness promotion,
and disease prevention. It is funded
solely by students through a mandatory
student health fee.

Health Education
& Promotion

Support your wellness so you can
excel academically! Professional staff,
student staff, and volunteers conduct
educational programming focusing on
nutrition, physical activity, sexual health,
stress management, and alcohol, tobacco
and other drug issues.

Campus Cares Student
Crisis Assistance Request

Campus Cares is a program designed
to provide assistance to currently enrolled Stanislaus State students who are
struggling with a personal crisis or an
emergency situation. For some students,
the financial impact of a fire, temporary
homelessness, an unexpected auto expense,
injury or loss of a family member could drastically affect their success.

 Community Resources

Black Men Speak, Inc. (BMS)

Our mission is to inform, educate, and
enlighten the mental health community
and the general public about issues
concerning African American males
and Men of Color suffering from
mental health and substance abuse
challenges by means of storytelling.
By sharing their lived experiences,
members of Black Men Speaks and
Men of Color promote self and communal
wellness, recovery, and freedom.

Learn More

Alliance for Boys and
Men of Color (the Alliance)

The Alliance for Boys and Men
of Color is a national network
of hundreds of community and
advocacy organizations who come
together to advance race and gender
justice by transforming policies that
are failing boys and men of color
and their families and building
communities full of opportunity.

Learn More

Renaming the Center this Fall 2020!

Warrior Cross Cultural Center

Warrior Cross Cultural Center. E-Newsletter.

Nearly 400 students participated in the final ASI round of voting. Your vote is your voice, and our new name starting Fall 2020 will be the “Warrior Cross Cultural Center”- with 472 votes! Stay tuned.

Questions or Suggestions?

Warrior Cross Cultural Center (209) 667-3511

Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing special accommodations may email us at Diversitycenter@csustan.edu prior to any events.

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Please note that the Warrior Cross Cultural Center is not affiliated with, nor does it explicitly endorse, any of the advocacy groups, hotlines, or organizations listed here. This list is intended only to inform students of resources available to them in the broader community. This list is not comprehensive. If you are aware of further resources not included here, please contact the Warrior Cross Cultural Center at diversitycenter@csustan.edu.