Guest Parking Request

Stanislaus State guests are not automatically exempt from parking fees. Permission to park at Stanislaus State may only be given to persons who have paid a parking fee (California Code of Regulations, 42201). A few applicable parking exemptions apply to Stanislaus State and are outlined below. Parking use fees apply to all events held on campus. Guests to campus must either display the appropriate permit, choose a temporary parking option (time-limit or metered space) or be registered through their host department.

  1. A host department must register their guest(s) with UPD Parking & Support Services by submitting an online Guest Parking Request at least two days in advance.
  2. A review of the request by Parking & Support Services shall determine eligibility of a parking exemption.
  3. Human Resources and Enrollment Services may be contacted to verify eligibility (e.g. not currently enrolled or employed).
  4. Approval or denial notification is sent to the email address submitted with the request.
  5. Approved guest parking permits will be ready for pick-up at UPD two business days after the request was submitted.
  6. Guests who do not meet the exemption criteria may have their parking paid for by their host department. Simply enter a valid university account number while submitting this form.

Parking Fee Exemption Criteria

Guests receiving any compensation, stipend, honorarium, course credit or other form of remuneration from Stanislaus State for their participation in the program/event are not exempt and must pay to park. Applicable exemptions for guests to the Stanislaus State campus include [CCR 42201(b)]:

  • Individuals invited in an official capacity to meet with departments regarding Stanislaus State business (e.g. interview candidates, prospective donors, dignitaries and public officials).
  • Prospective students participating in tours or event sponsored by the Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs.
  • Individuals appointed to boards, committees or other official campus bodies, as long as the individual is not a current student or employee of the campus.
  • Guest speakers and lecturers not receiving compensation for their participation.
  • Individuals volunteering to work for campus, as long as the individual is not a current student or employee.
  • Campus suppliers and vendors with contracts requiring regular service or delivery to the campus.

Please be advised that if this request is recurring, the Volunteer Identification Form is required 

Guest Information
Example: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Reason for Request
(e.g. Wednesdays during Fall Semester)
Please be advised that if this request is recurring, the Volunteer Identification form is required.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.
If the guest doesn’t meet the parking exemption guidelines, the chart string number listed will be charged accordingly.