University Ambassadors


Lauryn Avila
Year: Senior
Major: Liberal Studies with a math concentration
Fun Fact about Me: I LOVE ice cream! My favorite kind is Tin Roof Sundae.
Advice for Prospective Students: Go to class – on time, every day. Study hard. Make friends. Have fun. Learn lots. Get involved. Keep on Keepin’ on. You got this!


Michell Mercado
Year: Junior
Major: Communications
Fun Fact about Me: I am the treasurer for Phi Lamda Rho!
Advice for Prospective Students: Get involved, utilize school resources.


Jessica Garibay Gutierrez
Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice with a concentration in Juvenile Justice
Fun Fact: I was an ambassador in high school and now I am an ambassador at Stan!
Advice for Prospective Students: Enjoy College and get involved! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Meet new people!


Komalpreet Sangha
Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration, concentration in Marketing
Fun Fact: Other than being a UA, I work for New Student Orientation as a programming assistant.
Advice for Prospective Students:Get involved!!! It is the best way to make connections. Join a club or get a job on campus!


Alejandra Nunez Cuevas
Year: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Nursing
Fun Fact: I love Halloween time and scary movies!
Advice for Prospective Students: Take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you.


Jaqueline Cervantes
Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I love traveling!
Advice for Prospective Students:Make connections with your professors. They will help you in the future with letters of recommendation or anything else you need.


Shawn Apostol
Year: Senior
Major: Business Marketing
Fun Fact: I am the president of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.
Advice for Prospective Students: College is the last step before becoming an adult. Make sure to have fun & prioritize.


Michael Alston
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mathematics
Fun Fact: I love to fish! I am planning on making a fishing club, join when I do!
Advice for Prospective Students:Get involved and study!


Stephanie Loza
Year: Junior
Major: Liberal Studies
Fun Fact: I am part of the America Reads Program where I help tutor elementary students!
Advice for Prospective Students: Don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Chadd Holsten
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: I am the proud educator of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity in the Upsilon Tau Chapter here at Stan!
Advice for Prospective Students:Always talk to your teachers, they want you to succeed as much as you do!!!


Brittney Jenkins
Year: Senior
Major: Business Marketing
Fun Fact: If I am not at work or school you can find me napping!
Advice for Prospective Students: GET INVOLVED!!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT.


Rubi Lucatero Molina
Year: Senior
Major: Sociology, human services concentration, and a minor in gender studies
Fun Fact: I like to go on hikes.
Advice for Prospective Students:Do not procrastinate!


Samantha Iniguez
Year: Junior
Major: Business Accounting
Fun Fact: I work reception in the Admissions and Outreach office.
Advice for Prospective Students: Get involved! Go to sports events! Participate in the activities Stanislaus has to offer!


Adrianna Aguilar
Year: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Nursing
Fun Fact: I am bilingual! I speak Spanish and English!
Advice for Prospective Students:Study hard and get involved!


Benito Armenta
Year: Super Senior
Major: English and Biology
Fun Fact: I have a caffeine addiction.
Advice for Prospective Students: Join a club or a study group! Prepare to develop a caffeine addiction.


Paola Gonzalez
Year: Senior
Major: Kinesiology, concentration in exercise science
Fun Fact: I love traveling! Especially to Mexico. I will travel there up to four times a year.
Advice for Prospective Students:Get to know the campus! There are so many resources that students are not aware of and that are completely free! They can help you succeed academically, and will allow you to meet new people.


Darrius Roland
Year: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice
Fun Fact: I love all types of Music!
Advice for Prospective Students: Naps are essential! Take them when you can.

Damaris Ramel

Damaris Ramel
Year: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Nursing
Fun Fact: I can speak German
Advice for Prospective Students: All of the stairs and elevators are outside in Bizzini! So don’t look for them on the first floor!

Stephanie R

Stephanie Ramos Zambrano
Year: Junior
Major: Social Sciences
Fun Fact: I love jaripeos/bailes!​
Advice for Prospective Students: Don’t be afraid to socialize and get involved!