Enrollment Deposit FAQ

Q: What is the enrollment deposit and who is required to pay?

A: Stanislaus State requires undergraduate applicants to submit a $100 deposit upon accepting admission to secure their place in the incoming class. The non-refundable deposit will be deducted from the balance owed at enrollment. Failure to pay the deposit by the deadline will result in the cancellation of the student's application. All new undergraduate students, including returning students who must reapply for admission, are required to pay the non-refundable enrollment deposit of $100 to secure a place at Stanislaus State. 

Q: What happens if I don't pay the enrollment deposit?

A: Accepting admission and paying the enrollment deposit will secure your place in the incoming class. If you have not accepted your admission and paid the deposit by the deadline, you will not be allowed to enroll at Stanislaus State. No exceptions will be made.

Q: When do I need to pay the enrollment deposit?

A: Once you have accepted your admission on your myStanState account, you should pay the enrollment deposit. 

Q: How do I pay the enrollment deposit?

View our instructions on how to pay your enrollment deposit with an online check or credit card. You can also pay in person in the Cashiers Office located in MSR 100 by cash or check. 

How do I pay if the campus is closed?

If you do not wish to pay online, you may drop off payments in the drop box located outside the main entrance to the Cashier’s Office. Please place your payment in an envelope and include your student ID number. Do not put cash in the dropbox. 

Q: How will the enrollment deposit funds be applied?

A: The deposit will appear as a credit on your student account and will be used to offset a portion of your tuition for the first semester.

Q: Do I still have to pay the enrollment deposit if I qualify for financial aid?

A: Yes. Financial Aid does NOT cover the enrollment deposit and all students are required to pay.

Q: Will Stanislaus State accept partial payment of the enrollment deposit?

A: No. Stanislaus State will not accept a partial payment of the enrollment deposit.

Q: What do I do if I am not able to pay the $100 enrollment deposit?

A: You may request a fee waiver by submitting this form or work with an admissions counselor to submit the form on your behalf. The deadline to request a fee waiver is April 26. Please note, an approved waiver is not a substitute for accepting your admission.

Q: What if a third party is paying my deposit?

A: Regardless of the source of payment, all students must abide by the established deadlines. Please give the third party ample time to process and submit payment to Cashiers; however, if payment cannot be received in time, contact us before the deadline.

Q: What happens if I decide not to attend Stanislaus State after accepting my admission offer?

A: Please notify the Admission Office as soon as possible if you have decided not to attend. If you have already registered for classes, be sure to drop all of your classes. If you were required to pay the enrollment deposit, this amount will be forfeited as the deposit is not refundable. If you decide to attend Stanislaus State in the future, you will need to reapply for admission and meet the admission requirements and deadlines at that time, including paying the enrollment deposit.