Advanced Placement Program

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Students enrolled in high school will be considered for enrollment in the University's Advanced Placement Program upon recommendation and certification from their high school that their preparation for admission is equivalent to that required of eligible California High School graduates. Such admission is only for specific coursework and does not constitute the right to continued enrollment.Submission of a special application form each term is a prerequisite for continued enrollment. Such applicants are not required to take the ACT or SAT tests. Regular application procedures are not applicable. Regular registration fees are required. High school students may not enroll in SummerSession or Extended Education courses without prior approval of the Director of Admissions.

The University's Advanced Placement Program is intended to supplement the curriculum available to qualified high school students by opening college courses to them; to provide these students with the opportunity for a gradual transition to college; and to extend their intellectual capacities to the utmost limits at as young an age as is practicable. A high school student admitted to this program may enroll in any lower division course on a space-available basis provided that all course prerequisites are met. Regular college credit will be awarded providing credit is not required for high school graduation. Inquiries should be addressed to the Admissions Office, (209) 667-3152.​