Undeclared Major Advising

As an undeclared major, you have indicated that you are currently exploring majors. Declaring a major requires self-exploration and careful consideration of all of your options. However, it is very important to select a major as early as possible. Many majors require students to take multiple pre-requisites that require careful planning and organization in order to complete your degree in your desired timeline. The advisors at the Advising Resource Center are available to meet with you to discuss your academic goals and to assist you in declaring a major.

Major Exploration Tips

Here are a few suggestions on how to explore majors and find a major that matches your interests, skills, and personality.

  • Take general education classes that will help you explore subjects that you are interested in.
  • Visit several major departments to inquire about their major.
  • Talk to people in professions that interest you. Ask your parents and friends if they know anyone in a profession you are interested in and meet with them.
  • Go to the Career Services office at MSR 245 to explore majors and careers that match your interests, skills, and personality.