Untenured Faculty Organization (UFO)


  1. Support probationary untenured faculty by advocating for and providing consultation to relevant Academic Affairs units (e.g., Provost’s Office, Center for Faculty Development, Deans, Faculty Affairs, Research Foundation) for the development and implementation of programs and activities to support faculty in their scholarship, teaching, professional, service, and collegial activities in order to meet retention, tenure and promotion (RTP) expectations;
  2. Develop, provide and implement a variety of UFO activities, events and opportunities to support untenured faculty as part of the work of the faculty organization;
  3. Promote positive communication with other internal and external units outside of Academic Affairs (e.g., Student Affairs and the community at large);
  4. Encourage, empower, and advocate for increased opportunities for untenured faculty to develop and enhance their skills in the area of leadership and professional development by becoming more actively involved in important University, community, and professional service.
  5. Create a collegial social support network and foster personal friendships and a sense of community among the members of the organization;
  6. Provide a safe and confidential forum for open dialogue, discussion and conversation among members. UFO members agree that the internal communications and business of the organization shall be honored, respected and held confidential as appropriate.  

You can download the UFO's constitution.

UFO Meeting Schedule