Marketing Research

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The Educational Advisory Board (EAB) is the current marketing research firm used at Stanislaus State.  EAB's mission is to "make education smarter and communities stronger."  Their market research function provides insights which guide strategic programmic decisions at the member institutions.  EAB's forum gathers qualitative and quantitative data to help administrators identify opportunities for new program development, assess job market trends, and align curriculum with employer and student demand.

Marketing Research Reports

Organizational Benchmarking Gap Analysis, April 2019

Market Demand for an Online Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management, February 2019

Shifting Adult Learner Mindset, January 2019

Advertised Salary, Top Titles, and Top Employers for Identified Master’s-Level Programs, October 2018

Top Employers for Identified Bachelor’s-Level Programs, October 2018

Advertised Salary and Top Titles for Identified Bachelor’s-Level Programs September, 2018

Market Demand for a Master’s-Level Public Health Program, May 2018

New and Existing Program Opportunities for the Stockton Center, March 2018

Market Demand for an Executive MBA Program, November 2017

New Graduate Level Program Opportunities, August 2017

Updated Employer Demand for Applied Leadership Professionals, May 2017

Master of Business Administration Program Considerations, April 2017

Program Opportunity Analysis for Certificate Programs, April 2017

Employer Demand for Nurse Practitioners, December 2016

Market Demand for an Undergraduate-Level Food Safety Program, November 2016

Market Viability of a Post-Baccalaureate Clinical Laboratory Scientist Certificate, October 2016

Market Demand for a Master’s in Child Development, February 2016

Market Demand for a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Applied Leadership, December 2015

Organizational Leadership Degrees/Certificates, November 2015

Designing Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate Programs, October 2015

Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies Program, October 2015

Market Demand for Health Care Professionals, April 2015

Summary of EAB Insights on Online MBA Programs, February 2015

Market Demand for Master of Social Work, May 2014

Market Demand Analysis for Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program in California, April 2014

New Certificate Opportunities in San Joaquin County, April 2013

Comparing Business School Budget Models, 2013

The Viability of a New Food Science Program in California, 2010