About Us

University Extended Education (UEE) serves the Central Valley community through non-traditional University Degrees, Certificate Programs, Specialized Training and Services all designed to meet our community's educational, workforce and professional development needs.

If you are a student, non-student, alumni, business or business owner, school district, teacher, working professional or an individual wanting to change careers, we have everything you need to succeed!

Our Vision

University Extended Education Flowchart

Our Mission

UEE supports the University’s mission by serving the Central Valley with innovative programs delivered in alternative formats and locations. Collaborating with college partners, programs are designed to maximize access in order to meet the existing and emerging educational/workforce needs.

Our Values

  • Lifelong Learning (providing educational opportunities for diverse learners)
  • Integrity (committed to carrying out responsibilities w/respect, accountability, and follow through)
  • Collaboration (working with partners to achieve shared goal)
  • Fiscal Viability (entrepreneurial approach and responsibly managing programs and investment in new programs)
  • Innovation (enterprising, forward-thinking, agile, and committed to continuous improvement)
  • Service (responsive to the needs of students, faculty and partners)