Tutoring Services

Tutoring is free for all enrolled Stanislaus students. Individual and group tutoring is offered for most disciplines. Students need to complete an online application. The tutors help students by answering questions, reviewing materials, explaining concepts, repeating ideas until they are understood and remembered, and finally by modeling good study habits.

All Tutors are hired for their knowledge of specific topics and abilities to effectively communicate. Each semester the tutors are required to attend training sessions. Tutors must have received either an "A"€ or a "€œB"€ in order to tutor courses that they have taken or obtain a written referral from their professor.

Tutoring by appointment

Students are scheduled with tutors for 50 minutes sessions. In most cases, Each student is allowed 1 session a week for two different subjects. Sessions are scheduled depending on tutors and students availability.

Walk In Tutoring

Tutors for math, writing, chemistry, and other topics as needed, are available during schedule walk-in hours. No appointment is necessary. Hours vary each semester. Call or stop by for more information.

Writing Walk In Services

Essay Planning, Organization, Development and Revision
Writing Across the Curriculum
English as a Second Language
WPST Test Preparation

Math Walk In Tutoring

Hours are Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
0103 Beginning Algebra
0106 Intermediate Algebra, Non Math/Science
0110 Intermediate Algebra, Math/Science
1000 Excursions into Mathematics
1030 Elementary Foundations of Math I
1040 Elementary Foundations of Math II
1070 College Algebra
1080 College Trigonometry
1100 Pre Calculus
1410 Calculus I
1420 Calculus II

Course covered as posted in the Tutoring Center.

Math 1500, 1600, and 1610 tutoring is by appointment only. Please stop by the Tutoring Center to make an appointment for Finite Math, Statistics.