Strategic Goals

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles provide the context in which our work is accomplished.

  1. Our goals support the CSU Stanislaus strategic plan.
  2. Serving our campus community at large.
  3. Provide services to employees that will enhance their capacity to respond to organizational needs.
  4. Partner with Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety to produce a workforce capable of achieving organizational goals and requirements.

Strategic Goals

  1. Support the professional development and growth of the university's Professional Colleagues.
  2. Increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Provide resources and services to support growth and enrichment of individuals while optimizing organizational performance.
  4. Partner with local business and industry to provide workforce training and development solutions.
  5. Develop and implement a measurement system to monitor the center's effectiveness.

Core Processes for Training & Development

Connecting with our Customers

  • Survey our users for additional needs
  • Communicate learning opportunities
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction

Provide Learning Opportunities

  • Define core curriculum based on needs assessment
  • Design and develop new learning opportunities
  • Determine alternate delivery methods and sources
  • Offer annual program opportunities to meet organizational needs
  • Conduct on-going evaluations of programs and integrate / adapt / restructure learning opportunities as needed

Improve Organization Effectiveness

  • Work with users to determine individual and organizational needs
  • Facilitate solutions for growth and change

Integrate Training and Technology, Human Resources, and Environmental Health and Safety to become one Cohesive Center

  • Identify processes that can be integrated
  • Implement modifications
  • Evaluate the effectiveness