Defensive Driver Training

Course Description

This two hour online course covers advanced defensive driving techniques to reduce your risk associated with driving a motor vehicle. You'll learn and review:

  • General Safety Guidelines such as how to manage distractions while driving
  • Safe Driving Techniques for avoiding collisions like using ABS brakes and proper steering wheel hand position
  • Adverse Driving Conditions and the techniques for driving safely in a multitude of conditions
  • Emergency Response and the actions that are appropriate for emergency situations

Validation period is for four years.

Once registration is complete you will receive an e-mail with the link and instructions for certification.


Must hold a valid Driver License

Course Registration

(if applicable)
Note: Employee, if this course is during your regularly scheduled work day, please confirm your supervisor has approved your attendance.
Your driver’s license record will be checked with the Department of Motor Vehicles. If your driver’s license is VALID, and you have a good driving record, the Defensive Driver Registration will be approved. If it is not approved you will be notified. Additionally, all drivers for the University are placed on the Department of Motor Vehicles “Pull Program” which provides the University with driving records information every six months, whenever a citation is issued, or when the driver is involved in a recordable vehicle accident.
I understand that I will complete the Defensive Driver course in its entirety. I understand that I will be responsible for obtaining a certificate of completion and submitting it to Safety and Risk Management. I also understand that I will check my computer to be sure it meets system requirements prior to starting the course. You will not be given credit for the course until a certificate of completion has been submitted. SRM will not be responsible for computer systems that fail, lack of printing capability, or situations of time duress. Once certificate of completion is received it will be reflected on the online Defensive Driver Log ( within 10 days.