Special Accommodations

Special Testing Accommodations Request for EPT/ELM only

Special Accommodations Request Form.pdf

  1. Download and print form at link above.
  2. Indicate which of the "approved" accommodations you would like to have for this test.
  3. Sign and date the form.
  4. Attach your class and/or work schedule (tests may or may not be scheduled on Saturday, and we do our best to work around your schedule -- if you don't attach a schedule we assume you have no time conflicts during the week) to the request form.
  5. Submit the documents (this form, schedule and IEP or other disability forms) to Disability Resource Services on the Turlock Campus for their approval.
  6. Be sure you allow enough time for the request to be approved in order to meet the test registration deadline.

Note: When forms are sent to Disability Resource Services, you should include a note asking them to submit the documents to the Testing Office.