TPA Benchmarks

Accessing the TPA Benchmarks

The CTC now requires all programs to restrict the distribution of the TPA Benchmarks.

The TPA Benchmarks are now hosted on Taskstream behind a password-protected location. To access the benchmarks, you must have an active Taskstream account. Note that by entering the Taskstream site, you agree not to distribute the benchmarks via email or other means. You may only view the benchmarks and use them as part of your preparation.

Use the images below to guide you through the process of obtaining the TPA Benchmarks.

Instructions for Accessing the Benchmarks

1. Login to your Taskstream account at

2. Look at the banner at the top of the Taskstream page after you log in. Note that the password is hidden in this image but is visible once inside Taskstream.

3. Follow the link in the banner and enter the password when prompted and click submit.

4. Select the tabs to navigate to the benchmarks.

5. Your screen should look like the image below, and you can select the benchmark that you need.