Our credential programs use TaskStream for submitting all TPA tasks. Currently, the University provides access to TaskStream to all TPA students for one year. Students who take longer than one year to complete their tasks are responsible for renewing their TaskStream account on their own. Details about current TaskStream rates are available here.

PLEASE NOTE: All TaskStream accounts must be kept in an "active" status through the "scores released" date posted on the TPA Dates & Deadlines page.

Enrolling in TaskStream

Detailed information on and assistance with enrolling in TaskStream is provided to students during the TPA Orientation.

If you have attended an orientation, have a key code, but need assistance enrolling in TaskStream, an online guide is available here.

Accessing TaskStream

The TaskStream website is located at www.taskstream.com

TaskStream Technical Support

TaskStream's Mentoring Services can be reached at (800) 311-5656