Single Subject Pedagogy

{Single Subject Pedagogy-Task 1}

Task One: Subject Specific Pedagogy

In this task, students will analyze four case studies and write responses to questions based on them. The four case studies include designing instruction, constructing assessment, working with English learners (ELs), and working with special needs (SN) students. Students do not have to work with live students or in a real classroom to complete this task. Students must sign the Honor Code form before submitting this task.

TPA Candidate Handbook and Video Tutorials

Candidate Handbook links open a pdf file from the CTC website; Handbook Video links open a video tutorial (video length in parentheses).

TPA Candidate Handbook (Table of Contents): Introduction
TPA Handbook Videos: Introduction (2:45)
TPA Candidate Handbook (Chapters 1-2): Overview
TPA Handbook Videos: Chapter 1 (7:52)
TPA Handbook Videos: Chapter 2 (27:16)
TPA Candidate Handbook (Chapter 3): Subject Specific Pedagogy
TPA Handbook Videos: Chapter 3 (9:18)

TPA Benchmarks

Task 1 Benchmark.pdf
Benchmark Video Tutorials (requires CSU Stan login)

Single Subject Pedagogy - Task 1 Template

Task 1 Template

This link opens the CTC website. Find the "Tasks and Rubrics" area, then select the "Candidate Task" for "Subject-Specific Pedagogy," (this is Task 1). MSCP students will select the "Multiple Subject" link; SSCP students will need to select the appropriate content area. A window will pop-up and ask you to open or save the document, be sure to save it to your computer or flash drive.

TPA Submission Process

Submitting in Tasks One and Two in Taskstream (Video) (8:10)