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Course Syllabi



Harvard University Graduate School Of Education: Ed.D. from Teaching, Curriculum and Learning Environments, 1990. Doctoral research named Semifinalist in the Dissertation of the Year Competition of the National Association for Bilingual Education, 1991.

School For International Training, Brattleboro VT: Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language, 1975.
University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: M.A. in English Literature, 1971.
Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem NC: B. A. in English Literature, 1969.

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Previous Professional Experience

Ann Leavenworth CENTER FOR ACCELERATED LEARNING, Fresno Unified School District (1997-2001), Teacher-Researcher. Coordinated a joint research inquiry with Fresno Pacific University Graduate School of Education into (1) literacy learning & prosocial development of students in the €œdual immersion€ Spanish-English program; and (2) using computer technology to improve literacy instruction (most recently, by working with bilingual student lexicographers to build an online lexicon, Nuestro Diccionario/Our Dictionary). This €œaction research€ was based on a theoretical framework presented in Brave New Schools: Challenging Cultural Literacy through Global Learning Networks(St. Martin's Press, 1997), a book co-authored with Professor Jim Cummins of the University of Toronto.

University of California EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER (1995-1997). Senior Research Scholar. Directed a two-year investigation of a District-wide effort in Fresno, California to train teachers in effective classroom practices that utilize the Internet for intercultural and multilingual learning in science, mathematics, social studies, language arts, and the fine arts.

New York University SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (1992-1995). Assistant Professor in the Multilingual-Multicultural Studies Unit. Supervised doctoral dissertation research.

Brooklyn College-CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK (CUNY) (1990-1992). Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education. Taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in language arts methodologies and educational research design. Supervised student teaching.

Brown University NEW ENGLAND MULTIFUNCTIONAL RESOURCE CENTER (one of 16 federally-funded MRC's in the nation concerned with linguistic diversity issues, 1983-1990). Teacher Education Resource Specialist focusing on both literacy and technology.

Yale University CENTER FOR LANGUAGE EDUCATION AND RESEARCH (1988-89). Research Affiliate. With Dr. Kenji Hakuta (Stanford University), facilitated a psycholinguistic investigation into translation skills and metalinguistic awareness among bilingual students.

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Selected Publications

(2001, in press), Brave New Schools: Challenging Cultural Literacy through Global Learning Networks (St. Martin's Press, 1997, second edition), a book co-authored with Professor Jim Cummins of the University of Toronto and Kristin Brown of California State University-Long Beach. (NY: St. Martin's Press)

(2000). With Jim Cummins. Families and communities learning together: Becoming literate, confronting prejudice. In Zeynep Beykont (Ed.) Lifting every voice: Pedagogy and politics of bilingualism. Harvard Education Publishing Group: Cambridge, Massachusetts.

(1999). Visual Spelling: Discovery-based Learning Modules for School and Home. Fresno, California: A Thousand Words Press.

(1999). A word study on word study: Teacher-researchers use computers to accelerate word study in a multicultural school with a two-way bilingual immersion program. In R.A. DeVillar and J. Tinajero (Eds.), The power of two languages. (New York: McGraw-Hill).

(1998). With Kristin Brown, Jim Cummins, and Enid Figueroa. Global learning networks: Gaining perspective on our lives with distance. In E. Lee, D. Menkart and M. Okazawa-Rey, Beyond heroes and holidays: A practical guide to K-12 anti-racist, multicultural education and staff development. Network of Educators on the Americas: Washington, D.C.

(1996). With Jim Cummins. Schools and technology: Emerging discourses for the 21st century. In Diversité Langues, http://www.teluq.uquebec.ca/diverscite/SecArtic/Arts/96/09ajc/09ajcgb_ftxt.htm

(1995). Educational Equity Issues in an Information Age. Teachers College Record, a special issue devoted to the proceedings of the NYU Metro Center€™s "Brown Plus Forty" Conference in April 1994, 96 (4), 767-774.

(1995). Language choice and global learning networks: The pitfall of "lingua franca" approaches to classroom telecomputing. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 3 (10). http://olam.ed.asu.edu/epaa/v3n10.html

(1994). Bilingual team-teaching partnerships over long distances: A technology-mediated context for intra-group language attitude change. In R. DeVillar, C. Faltis, and J. Cummins (Eds.) Cultural diversity in schools: From rhetoric to practice. Albany NY; State University of New York Press.

(1991). Cross-cultural exchanges between students from the same culture: A portrait of an emerging relationship mediated by technology. The Canadian Modern Language Review / La Revue Canadienne des langues vivantes, Theme issue on "Heritage Languages", J. Cummins (ed.), 47, (4), 678-696.

(1989). Bilingual sister classes in computer writing networks. In D. Johnson & D. Roen (Eds.), Richness in writing: Empowering ESL writers. New York: Longman's.

(1985). The Dialog Maker, El Dialoguista and Le Dialoguiste: To write conversations in English, Spanish and French. Cardiff, CA: InterLearn. Trilingual software for keeping Dialogue Journals with large groups


Educational Policy Analysis Archives. Editorial Board for a Refereed Journal (1994-present), Prof. Eugene V. Glass, Senior Editor. The EPAA website is located at http://olam.ed.asu.edu/epaa/board/

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