Dr. Nancy Jean Smith


Transformative Literacy Projects

Professional Preparation

2003 Preliminary Educational Administration Credential
CSU Sacramento, Educational Administration Certificate

1995 Ed.D. University of San Francisco
International and Multicultural Education
OBEMLA Title VII Fellowship
Dissertation - “Linguistic Genocide and the Struggle for Linguistic and Cultural Survival: A Participatory Research Study with a Zapotec Community in California”

1983 California BCLAD Certification (grandfathered BCC 1996)
Bilingual Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development

1985 to Present Clear California Teaching Certificate, expires 2006

1984 M.A. Eastern Michigan University, Bilingual Bicultural Education
Michigan Spanish Bilingual Certificate of Competency
Provisional Michigan Teaching Certificate

1979 B.A. & B.A.S. Western Michigan University, History and Spanish (French minor)
Foreign Universities Attended:

1977-79 Universidad Autonoma de Sevilla, Spain – Junior Year Abroad

1976 L’Universite de Grenoble, France – Summer study program

1975 Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico – Summer study program


Nancy Smith
Contact Information

Building Location: Demergasso-Bava Hall
See Building #21: Map

Office Location: DBH 330 - See Map

Phone: (209) 667-3357

E-mail: njsmith@csustan.edu

Current Consultancies

  • Family Literacy Grant  – San Joaquin County Office of Education, CA
  • International Social Integration Trainer – Soros NGO Foundation, EU
  • International Teacher / Coordinator English Writing Camp, Korea
  • Online Graduate Instructor - McDaniel College, Maryland
  • Online Graduate Instructor – University of Phoenix
  • Seminar on Transformative Literacy Director – Oaxaca, Mexico

Professional Experience

  • August 1995 to present Full Tenured Professor, California State University, Stanislaus, Teacher Education, Multilingual/Multicultural Education
  • Nov. 1992 - 1995 Title VII Bilingual Program Specialist, San Joaquin County Office of Education, Multilingual Department
  • Aug. 1984-June 1986 Bilingual Teacher, Delano Elementary Schools, Bilingual
  • Aug. 1989-June 1992 Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, also taught Migrant Extended Day Classes and Migrant Summer School
  • Aug. 1986 to June 1989 International Teacher, Early Childhood Mixed Age Group, Multinational USDA School, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mex.
  • 1983 Graduate Assistant, Bilingual Bicultural Teacher Education Department, Eastern Michigan University
  • 1984 and 1985 Pre-School Teacher, Van Buren School District Migrant Summer School Program, Paw Paw, Michigan
  • 1981 - 1984 English Professor, Depto. de Lenguas, Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico


  • Article: Ramirez, L. and Gallardo, O. (in progress, 2005). Multilingual communities: leadership Implications. Article: “Service Learning as Transformative Literacy: A Courageous Pedagogy”, Prentice-Hall, N.Y., N.Y.
  • Adult Curriculum for Eastern Europe: Anti-Bias Curriculum for Adults. (2004). Reza, J., Rona, S., Lampkin, E., Smith, N. Open Society Institute, N.Y., N.Y.
  • Primary Curriculum for Eastern Europe: Anti-Bias Curriculum for Primary Grades. (2003). Ada, A., Tankersley, D., Campoy, F., Christensen, L., Smith, N., -Open Society Institute, N.Y, N.Y.
  • Article: “Bridging ELD Standards with Culturally Appropriate Activities”, K-12 Alliance Restructuring Science Newsletter, Vol. 10, #2, March 2001.
  • Chapter: Ramirez, L. and Gallardo, O. (2001). Portraits of Teachers in Multicultural Settings: A Critical Literacy Approach , Article: “Schools and Families: What is Transformative Collaboration?", Allyn & Bacon, NY, NY.
  • Chapter: Hellebrandt, J., and Varona, L. (1999). Construyendo Puentes (Building Bridges): Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Spanish. Article: “Expanding Our Vision of Literacy: Learning to Read the World of Others”. Washington, D.C., The American Association for Higher Education,
  • Article: "Prop 227: Who wins?" in Connections a solicited article written for San Joaquin County's Alternative Newspaper, May 1998.
  • Work Quoted and Displayed: "Global Learning Networks: Gaining Perspective on Our Lives with Distance" in Beyond Heroes and Holidays, by Brown, K., Cummins, J., Figueroa, E., & Sayers, D., 339 - 340, 1998.
  • Chapter: Educating Latino Students: A Guide to Successful Practice, Gonzalez, M.L.,Huerta-Macias, A., andTinajero, J. Article co-authored with Ada, A. “Fostering the Home-School Connection”, Technomic Publishing Co., 1998.
  • Refeered Journal: The Journal of Educational Issues of Language Minority Students, Special Issue on Parental Involvement, Boise State University, “Story Writing and Dialogue: A Means of Engendering Familial Reflection”, Summer 1996, Vol. 16.
  • Chapter: Emerging Literature of the Southwest Culture, “Writing the Stories of our Lives: A Participatory Research Project with a Zapotec Family”, University of Texas at El Paso Conference Manuscript, 1995.
  • Chapter: California Association for Bilingual Education, “Making the Invisible Visible, Critical Pedagogy as a Viable Means of Educating Children”, in Reclaiming our Voices, Edited by Jeannie Frederickson, 1995.
  • Article: National Association for Bilingual Education, NABE Newsletter, “Parents and Students as Authors: ‘I Wanna Make a Book’, Parent Involvement in Bilingual Education”, March 15, 1995.
  • Lesson Plan Writer: DLM Publishers, Early Childhood Program, 1994 - 95.
  • Lesson Plan Writer: Apple Computers, Early Literacy Program writer, 1994-95.
  • Article: CABE, Bimonthly newsletter, “Community, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy”, Perspectives Corner, May/June 1993, Vol. 15; 6.



  • January 2002 Universidad International-UNITER, Invited presentation “Education Bilingüe en EEUU”, Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • January 2001 Centro Bilingue, Invited Presentation on “Understanding Cultural Birthing Differences in Mexico”, Cuernavaca, Mex.
  • May 1999 International Reading Association, Symposium with colleagues from CSU Monterey Bay and San Francisco State Univ., “Teachers as Reflective Researchers and Engaged Authors: Liberating Funds of Literacy from Intercultural Community Knowledge”, San Diego, CA
  • June 1998 IIEPO Telesecundaria, Secretary of Public Education, Oaxaca, Mexico Two days, "Estrategias para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje del idioma ingles a traves de la literatura transformativa, Huahuapan, Oaxaca, Mexico
  • November 1997 Novena Jornada Pedagógica Internacional Para la Educación Bilingüe: Un Futuro Sin Fronteras, “Afirmando que todos sabemos algo: El Seminario de educación transformativa, LA, CA


  • April 2001 National School Boards Association, “Saturday University: A Pedagogy of Hope”, with San Joaquin County Office of Education and Migrant Education, San Antonio, TX
  • January 1999 National Association for Bilingual Education, “Teachers as Reflective Researchers and Engaged Authors: Liberating Funds of Literacy from Intercultural Community Knowledge”, Collaborated with Dr. Peggy Laughlin CSU Monterey Bay, Denver, CO
  • February 1998 American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, “Teachers as Learners: Participatory Research as a Process for Uncovering Diverse Voices”, New Orleans, LA
  • April 1997 Pedagogy of the Oppressed National Conference, “Transformative Literacy: Reading the World”, Omaha, NE
  • April 1997 School Boards Association National Conference, “ We are Authors: My Mother Never Gives Up”, Dallas, TX
  • March 1997 National Conference on Portuguese American Education, “Language loss, and its Cultural Implications: The Results of a Participatory Research Study with Portuguese Americans”, UC Berkeley, Oakland, CA
  • March 1996 National Association for Bilingual Education Conference
  • 1) “Writing the Stories of Our Lives: Reflecting with Bilingual Educators in Oaxaca, Mexico” with Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy 2) Full day solicited by Apple computers, “Second Annual Institute on Students, Teachers and Parents Becoming Authors”, Orlando, Florida
  • February 1995 National Association for Bilingual Education, “We Are Authors”, solicited by Apple Computers with Alma Flor Ada, Phoenix, AZ
  • November 1993 National Association for Early Childhood Education, “Constructing Literacy”, Anaheim, CA


  • March 2006 Service Learning / Participatory Research Institute, CSU Chancellor’s Office Service Learning, “International Service Learning in Action”, March 2006, Pomona, CA
  • February 2005 California Association for Bilingual Education,
  • full day institute, "El autoestima a partir de la memoria histórica y la identidad cultural: Una vista desde Oaxaca" collaboration with G. Marin, Oaxaca, Mexico & E. Galvez-Hard, Sonoma State
  • "Critical Conversations", Collaboration with Delta River Unified School District, Clarksburg Elementary as Title VII Federal Grant ELD Coach, LA, CA
  • March 2004 California Association for Bilingual Education,
  • full day institute, “Comite de padres en Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico: Un exemplo en vivo”
  • “Dignidad y lectura: Somos autores de libros magicos”, Family Literacy Project presented in collaboration with Migrant Parents from San Joaquin County Office of Education, San Jose, CA
  • February 2003 California Assoaciation for Bilingual Education, full day institute, “Los Viejos Abuelos, sus conocimientos”, with Guillermo Marin, Los Angeles, CA
  • January 2002 California Association for Bilingual Education, two day institute, “Homenaje a Francisco Toledo and Seminar on Transformative Education in Oaxaca”, San Jose, CA
  • January 2001 California Association for Bilingual Education, hosted 2 educators from Oaxaca, Mexico for full day institute on, “Una Jornada Transformativa en Oaxaca, Mexico”, LA, CA
  • October 2000 Filipino Educators of California Conference, “Assessment: A tool for Equity”, With Master’s student, Stockton, CA
  • March 2000 California Association for Bilingual Education, hosted 5 educators from IIEPO Oaxaca, Mexico Ministry of Ed. for a full day institute on “En que consiste una buena educacion: lecciones de cultura en Mexico” San Francisco, CA
  • February 1999 California Assoc. for Bilingual Education, 1)”4th Annual Seminar on Transformative Literacy in Oaxaca, Mexico: Multicultural Learning in Context” 2)Critical Service Learning: Liberation Theory, 5th Graders and the Homeless All in a Year Long Project” 3) Teaching Around the Theme of Water: Various Collaborative Projects”, LA, CA
  • March 1999 CSU Sacramento Multicultural Conference, “Lessons from the Seminar on Transformative Education, Oaxaca, Mexico”, Sacramento, CA
  • November 1998 22nd Annual California Conference on Am. Indian Educ., “Critical Pedagogy & Identity Development”, Oakland, CA
  • November 1998 California Reading Association Conference, "Literacy and Identity Development: Creating Lessons that Build on Experience", Sacramento, CA
  • February 1998 California Assoc. for Bilingual Education, 1)Facilitated CSU student teachers for global learning network Project: “Investigating Poverty as Math, Science and Social Studies Curriculum”, 2)Panelist for “Words and Lives: Parents as Authors” 3) Half day institute, brought Masters Students to Present on panel “Crossing Borders: Euro American Educators in Bilingual/Multicultural Classrooms”, 4) Hosted Mexican Teachers to attend and present from Oaxacan Secretary of Public Education, IEEPO, ¿Quién me lo iba a decir?" 5) Panelist for "Culture and Education: Lessons from the Field", San Jose, CA
  • November 1997 California Reading Association Conference, “Parents, Students, Aides and Teachers Writing for Personal and Social Liberation”, San Diego, CA
  • February 1997 California Assoc. for Bilingual Education, 1) “Somos Autores”, Title VII Findings 2) organized “Research: Vehicle for Social Change” institute with Steve Krashen and Alma Flor Ada, and students 3) “Euro-Americans Working in a Multicultural Context”, findings from a doctoral dissertation I participated in and jointly guided”, San Diego, CA
  • May 1996 California Dept. of Education: 7th Annual Conference on Ethnic and Gender Equity and Achievement for the New Student Majority, “Long Term Projects: Integrating Dialogue, Research and Writing”, San Francisco, CA
  • January 1996 California Assoc. for Bilingual Education, 1) Half day Institute, “Writing the Stories of Our Lives: Reflecting in Oaxaca” 2) “Como trabaja la gente en el esparrago: un proyecto entre madre y hijo” 3) "A Year Long Writing Project on the Galt Flea Market” San Jose, CA
  • January 1996 California Kindergarten Association, “Writing Our Stories”, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
  • February 1995 California Association for Bilingual Education, “We Are Authors”, half day institute, Anaheim, CA
  • November 1994 California Reading Association Conference, "We Are Authors", Presented with Alma Flor Ada, Los Angeles, CA
  • September 1993 Gender and Equity Conference, “Folktales as Curriculum”, Collaborative Presentation, Los Angeles, CA
  • February 1993 California Assoc. for Bilingual Education, 1) "Integrating Respect & Learning" 2) “Building Bridges with Monolinguals”, Anaheim, CA
  • July 1992 Democratic Education Conference with Paulo Freire in attendance, "Curriculum that Touches the Soul", UC Irvine


  • October 2002 English Learner Institute, “Education for a democratic tomorrow”, Hancock High School, Modesto
  • March 2001 California Association for Bilingual Education Para-Educator/Parent Conference, “Theory to Practic with a bit of laughter and a Twinkle in Our Eyes”, Oakland, CA collaborated with Fernando Peña
  • March 1999 Lilly-West Conference on College and University Teaching, “Sharing Critical Pedagogy: Creating Student Learning Communities", Lake Arrowhead, CA
  • March 1998 Lilly-West Conference on College and University Teaching, “Teaching Culturally Diverse Students: A Master’s Course", Lake Arrowhead, CA


  • May 2000 California Association for Bilingual Education Para-Educator/Parent Conference, “Assessing Student Learning: Tools for Educational Equity”, Sacramento, CA
  • April 1999 Building Better Teachers Conference, “ Student Assessment and the RICA”, Stanislaus State, Turlock, CA
  • April 1999 CSU Sacramento Multicultural Education Conference, “Creating Learning Communities: Critical Pedagogy in Action”, Sacramento, CA
  • March 1999 California Association for Bilingual Education Para-Educator/Parent Conference, “Big Books, Practical Literacy in Action”, Stockton, CA
  • September 1998 Stanislaus State California Mini-Corps, "English Language Development in Context", Turlock, CA
  • April 1997 Building Better Teachers Conference, “Writing Our Lives”, Turlock, CA
  • April 1997 California Association for Bilingual Education Para-Educator/Parent Conference, “Authoring Our Lives”, Oakland, CA
  • March 1997 California Association for Bilingual Education Parent and Para-Educator Conference, “Teachers are Authors: Student Teachers Reflections”, Stockton, CA
  • September 1996 San Joaquin Delta College Fall Institute, “Linking Families through Story Writing”, Stockton, CA
  • April 1996 Revitalizing School Reform Conference, “Inclusive Projects: Humanizing our Curriculum with Critical Pedagogy”, Solicited by Alameda County Office of Education, Hayward, CA
  • March 1996 California Association for Bilingual Education Para-Educator Parent Conference, “Long Term Projects: How to Integrate Content”, Stockton, CA
  • October 1995 San Mateo County Office of Ed: Council on Language Minority Student Affairs, “Transformative Education: A Focus on Family Empowerment”, Redwood City, CA
  • December 1993 CA Association for Bilingual Education Para-Educator Conf., “Integrated Approaches to Literacy”, Stockton, CA
  • February 1993 Oakland Multicultural Symposium,“Humanizing Our Curriculum for All Students”, Oakland, CA

Networking Opportunities / Attendance as Learner

  • January 2005 National Association for Bilingual Ed., San Antonio, TX 
  • March 2004 Reading the World Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • April 2002 AERA Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA
  • October 2000 CSU Service Learning Conference, CSU Sponsored, LA, CA
  • October 2000 California Association for Asian-Pacific Bilingual Education State Conference, Stockton, CA
  • February 1997, 98, 99 Reading the World USF Conference, San Francisco, CA
  • October 1997 Diversity Conference, Lee Mun Wah, Modesto, CA
  • February 1997 National Assoc. for Bilingual Education, Albuquerque, NM
  • Summers 1993, 94 Sister Class Telecommunications, Project Orillas Institutes for New York and Puerto Rican Educators, Puerto Rico

Professional Leadership

  • December 2006 Stanislaus State, “The Struggle for Social Inclusion in Eastern Europe”, Faculty Lecture Series,
  • November 2006 CSU Long Beach Graduate Program Reviewer, Final Report and Findings Presentation to CSULB Provost and Interim Vice President
  • November 2003 McDaniel’s College, Maryland, “Zapotec and Roma Realites: Similarities in the struggle for dignity”
  • July 2002 McDaniel’s College, Maryland, two week speaking engagement for ESOL teachers, Silver Spring, MD
  • May 1999, 2000, 2001 SEP/SRE/Comunidades Mexicanas – Seminario y Orientación del Intercambio Binacional de Maestros México-Estados Unidos, Pátzcuaro, Morelia, México
  • April 1999 California Association for Bilingual Education, Local Stanislaus Chapter, VALE, “Hope in a 227 Era”, Turlock, CA
  • March 1999 Radford University, “Building Global Communities”, Multicultural Speaking Series, Radford, Virginia
  • December 1998 Las Positas College Arts and Letters Series, Invited Presentation, "Authoring Reality", Livermore, CA
  • March 1998 TV Show Panelist on "Talking It Through" to discuss Prop 227 Channel 13, Stockton, CA
  • March 1997 Stanislaus State Brown Bag Lecture Series, “Summer Literacy Work in Oaxaca”, Stanislaus State, CA
  • March 1996 California Association for Bilingual Ed. Para-Educator Parent Conference, “Our Strength, Our Voices”, organized the keynote panel who spoke with me, Stockton, CA


  • 1997 - present CABE Strand Facilitator, CA Association for Bilingual Education State Conference, Critical Pedagogy, Primary Language, Content & Literacy
  • 1997, 98, 99, 2000 California Association for Bilingual Education Parent and Para-Educator Conference, Stockton & Sacramento, CA,
  • August 1996 California Association for Bilingual Education Critical Pedagogy Institute: Asserting Our Voices in Conservative Times: Keeping Hope and Democracy Alive, Berkeley, CA.


  • 1999 - present Open Society Institute: Roma Education Initiative Trainer, Eastern European 4 day trainings for Integration of Roma/Gypsy Teacher/Family Education project, funded by OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE, Soros Foundation, New York, New York. Nov. 1999, March 2000, Feb., June, and Sept. 2001, March, Sept., and Nov. 2002, Feb., May and July 2003, Feb., Sept. and Nov. 2004, Feb., March and June 2005, May, September and December 2006. Trainings in the countries of Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Chech Republic, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia.
  • 2004-2005 English Language Teacher and Principal Yoon’s Town English Camp, Summers 2004, 2005 (Camp Principal) and Winter 2006
  • 1998 English Language Pedagogy Teacher National University of Busan, Korea. January, 1998. Worked with Korean Teachers
  • 1994 to present CLAD/SB 395 Trainer (formerly SB 1969-CLAD soon to be CTEL), These are actually two different State Dept. of Education Trainings: but serve the same purpose. To prepare teachers in the field to work with English Learners. San Joaquin and Stanislaus County Offices of Education, California State Certificate of Competency Trainings
  • 2000 – present Title VII, ELD Coaching Consultant for River Delta Unified School District at Clarksburg Elementary
  • 2000 – 2004 CSP/Delta Sierra Science Project w/ San Joaquin County Office of Education, California Subject Matter Project (CSP), Lead Teacher for ELD for regional teacher training.
  • Winter/Spring 2003 Migrant Family Literacy Coordinator, SJCOE Migrant & Multilingual collaboration, coordinated family literacy
  • 1992 - Present BTTP Spanish Language Instructor, Bilingual Teacher Training Program, San Joaquin and Stanislaus COE
  • June 2002 Migrant Parent Mentors Mini-Grant Evaluation, Requested by San Joaquin County Office of Education Migrant Education, Region 23, Funded by San Joaquin County Children and Families Commission
  • 2000 - 2001 Title VII Project Consultant to New Hope Elementary District for ELD students
  • 1995 – 1997 Title VII Family Literacy Project Specialist, Federal Enhancement Grant, San Joaquin County Office of Education
  • 1990, 91, 92, 93, 94 Instructors Aide, Math Their Way Workshops, Delano and Stockton, California, Summer programs
  • 90, 91, 93, 94 Math Their Way Follow-up Instructor

Special Projects

  • Project Director - 11th year, Seminar on Transformative Literacy, Teotitalán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico. Formerly Stan State EDUC 4600 summer travel course. Collaboration w/ Stanislaus State colleagues and faculty from other CSU and University institutions. Well over 500 teachers, from CA and nationally, have been impacted personally and professionally. A two/three week course held summers 1995, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05.
  • Project Director, Mexican Teacher Exchange Program organize in collaboration with the Mexican Ministry of Public Education, Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations and California State University, Stanislaus. Three week exchange with CSU students and local teachers, Summers 1997, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
  • Organizer Bi-Annual Doctoral Retreats, Coordinate jointly with Dr. Duarte Silva, Stanford University and Dr. Alma Flor Ada, University of San Francisco yearly Doctoral and Masters retreats, January and August 98 to present
  • Project Coordinator, Zapotec Weavers Education Project: Oaxacan weaver families to Stockton from Oaxaca area, small group presentations in local schools and institutions ie. Concilio collaborations. Fall 1998, 1999, 2000
  • Project Coordinator, English Language Teaching to Cambodian Monks by Stan State students, Cambodian Temple in Stockton, CA, AY 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.
  • Invited Authors Colloquium, JoAn Criddle, Stan State, Stockton, Oct. 1998
  • Coordinator, Coordinated Oaxacan teacher presentations at CABE, in collaboration with the IEEPO Public Education Ministry, facilitated food and lodging expenses for conference attendees, Annual Conferences 98,99, 2000, 2001.
  • Co-Director, UC Berkeley International Research Expeditions Prog, (UREP), “Culture and Education: Lessons from the Field”, collaboration with Dr. Peggy Laughlin, UC Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico, Summer 1997
  • Collaborator/Instructor, Bilingual Mini Institute, Great Valley Writing Project, invited trainer, brought 13 teachers from different regions of Mexico for 2 week training, with Sharon Brockman, Stan State Teacher Education, Summer 1997
  • Invited Authors Colloquium, Organized in collaboration with International Studies, Francisco Jiménez, Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy, April, 1997
  • Bilingual Coordinators Network Member, SJCOE, Dept. of Multilingual Education, monthly informational meetings, 1995 - present
  • Grants
  • National Gardening Association, 2006 Youth Garden Grants Program Award Winner, Home Depot $500.00 award Garden at SUSD Nightingale Elementary
  • Service Learning Grant, $1000.00 for Nightingale Gardening Project, Feb. 2005
  • RSCA Grant, $2,200 for research publication project, includes 2 student assistants and international travel to Mexico, Nov. 2003
  • National Gardening Association, 2004 National Youth Grant Award, for gardening materials for School Garden at SUSD Nightingale Elementary
  • Dean’s Special Initiative Grant, $500, to mentor two CSU Stanislaus students at annual CABE Conference, March 2004
  • SJCOE Service Learning Mini-Grant, $600 to support Garden at Nightingale Elementary School Garden, SUSD, EDUC 4130 Science Methods, Fall 2003
  • Western Garden Growers Association, $1,500, funds to construct a Garden at Nightingale Elementary School, SUSD, Service Learning with EDUC 4130 Science, Fall 2003
  • Dean’s Special Initiative Grant, $500, to create Portfolios to document Service Learning Science course, Spring 2003
  • PG&E Energy Conservation Grant, $1,500, funds for EDMC 4130 Elementary Science Service Learning Project at Nightingale Elementary School, Spring 2003
  • California Energy Education Grant, $2,500, funds for EDUC 4400 Multilingual Ed students to use with Nightingale Elementary in Stockton USD, Spring 2002
  • Math Integration with Science Grant, $2000, for Service Learning EDMC 4130 Science Course, granted by Dr. Viji Sundar, Stanislaus State, Spring 2001
  • US Forestry Grant: “Leaf It To Us”, $1350, Service Learning Science Course at Nightingale Elementary School, Stockton Unified School District, Spring 2001
  • Service Learning Grant 2000: $1500 to incorporate Service Learning EDMC 4130 Science Methodology Course, Spring 2001
  • Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Grant 1998/99: $4,200 grant for work associated with The Teacher Exchange Project: Crossing Borders: Teacher Education in Oaxaca, Mexico”
  • Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholarship: 1) Awarded $3,000 for AY 1998-99 for CSU Masters student Claudia Peters whose thesis I chaired, Summer Intern USF additional $4000, Masters May, 2000, 2) Awarded $3,000 for AY 1996-97 for Masters student Manuel Correia whose thesis I chaired, Summer Intern UC Berkeley additional award of $3,500, projected Doctoral graduation May 2002
  • Professional Development Funds Awardee: $500 for "Pedagogical Transformations: Gathering Knowledge from the Field" Project, July 1998
  • Awardee Laptop Computer and Two Weeks Training: "Implementing Technology in the Classroom", Stanislaus State, June 1998
  • Two Year Teacher Education Mini-grant: $2,800 California Service-Learning Grant, from UC Berkeley to support service learning project in Oaxaca, Mexico, Awarded January 1998
  • Stanislaus State Affirmative Action Grant: $2,000 funding to support Trans-American research project, “The Children of America Speak-out”, September 1997

Honors & Awards

Sabbatical Leave Spring 2005: For the purpose of publishing

Advisor for 6 Stanislaus State Forgivable Doctoral Loans/ 4th Dissertation Reader

  1. Manuel Correia, graduated UC Berkeley, May 2004
  2. Guadalupe Solis, graduated USF, May 1998
  3. Enrique Dominguez, graduated USF Spring 2004
  4. Fernando Peña, USF, graduating Spring 2007
  5. Patricia Juarez, funded but dropped out of program
  6. Lorena Garcia, graduating USF Spring 2007

Advisor for Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Fellowships

  1. Manuel Correia, AY 1996-97
  2. Claudia Peters, AY 1998-99

Advisor for Title VII Mentees / 4th Dissertation Reader

  1. Margaret Laughlin, graduated May 1996, USF
  2. Peter Baird, graduated 2001, USF
  3. Dick Keis, graduated May 2002, USF
  4. Edgar Lampkin, graduated May 2006, USF

President: CABE Delta Chapter, academic year 1997-98

OBEMLA Title VII Doctoral Fellow, awarded by the U.S. Department of Education for doctoral studies at the University of San Francisco, 1993-95

Outstanding Dissertation Competition Semifinalist, chosen by the National Association for Bilingual Education, 1996

Active Memberships

  • American Education Research Association (AERA)
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
  • California Association for Bilingual Ed. (CABE) Local Chapter & State
  • California Reading Association (CRA)
  • International Alliance of Teacher Scholars
  • International Reading Association (IRA)
  • National Association of Bilingual Education (NABE)
  • USF Society of Title VII Fellows and Colleagues, past president

Stanislaus State Teacher Education Committee Commitments

  • Chair Selection and Review Committee 2000-2004, Member since 1999
  • Chair Recruitment and Hiring Committee 2002-2004, Member since 2001
  • Member, Teacher Education Dept. RPT Committee 2001-2004

Stanislaus State University Committee Commitments

  • Search Committee for Dean of the College of Education, extended search AY 2003 – 2004 and 2004-2005
  • Community Building Committee 2002-2005
  • Search Committee for Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Support Services, 2004-2005
  • Assumption Program of Loans for Education. (APLE) Committee 1997 - 2002
  • Student Union Advisory Committee Member, Stockton Campus 1997-1998
  • Faculty Research Advisory Committee 1997 – 2000
  • Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Policy Committee 2000-2001
  • Faculty Development Committee 1997-2001

Current University Commitments

  • Senior Doctoral Scholar Search Committee member 2006-2007
  • Department RPT Committee, 2004-2007
  • Service Learning Steering Committee 2002-2005
  • Stanislaus State Forgivable Loan Committee 2000 to 2005
  • Faculty Mentor Committee Member 1995 to 2005