Culminating Teaching Experience

Task Four: Culminating Teaching Experience

In this task, students will describe an actual classroom; select a unit of study, standards, and a lesson; and then identify two focus students: an English learner (EL) and a special needs (SN) student. Students will then adapt both assessment and instruction to the focus students. Assessment data will be collected from students who scored high, mid, and low on the test, along with collecting test data from the two focus students. Evidence of student learning will also be collected. Finally, students will be video recorded during a 20 minute lesson. Students must sign the Honor Code form before submitting this task.

  • Permission slips are needed from all of the students appearing in the video
  • Permission slips are needed for the two focus students and for the students who scored low, mid, and high on the exam.
  • English learner (EL) should be low to intermediate in proficiency
  • Special needs (SN) student can be of any variety
  • Students will need access to state adopted curricula and assessment tools (if available)
  • Assessment data and the assessment tool used must be collected
  • 20 minute video recording of student teaching


TPA Candidate Handbook and Video Tutorials

Candidate Handbook links open a pdf file from the CTC website; Handbook Video links open a video tutorial (video length in parentheses).


TPA Candidate Handbook (Chapter 6): Culminating Teaching Exp

     TPA Handbook Videos: Chapter 6 (19:59)

TPA Benchmarks

Task 4 Benchmark.pdf

Benchmark Video Tutorials (requires CSU Stan login)

Culminating Teaching Exp - Task 4 Template

Task 4 Template

This link opens the CTC website. Find the "Tasks and Rubrics" area, then scroll down and select the "Candidate Task" for "Culminating Teaching Experience," (this is Task 4). A window will pop-up and ask you to open or save the document, be sure to save it to your computer or flash drive.

TPA Permission Slips

The Permission Slips used for Task 3 and Task 4 can be found on the TPA Forms and Documents page.

Task 4 Support

The TPA staff is able to assist with document scanning and video preparation by appointment. You may also prepare and upload documents on your own.

Scanning Documents (Video) (14:04)

Digital Video Production and Compression (Videos)

Free Compression Software (Prism Video Converter site)

Free Video Player (VLC Media Player site)

TPA Submission Process

Submitting in Tasks Three and Four in Taskstream (Video)