Fieldwork Resources

COVID-19 Incident Report and Action Plan

Complete this form if your student teacher has a possible exposure to COVID-19.

Incident Report 

Important BSR Announcement

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) recently announced that the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR), which is most often met through the CBEST exam, may now be met by Commission-approved coursework. If you are interested in having your courses reviewed by a Credential Analyst for this option you MUST submit a Basic Skills Requirement (BSR) Form to by or before Friday, October 8, 2021 for Spring 2022 Student Teaching consideration. They will confirm if you met this requirement through coursework or not.

**The BSR Form should only be completed and submitted by students who have not fully completed and passed the Basic Skills Requirement. Any student that has already completed this requiement through the CBEST exam and has sent in passing results for all sections should not send in a BSR Form.**

BSR Form

We are still pending direction from CCTC regarding fulfilling Subject Matter Competency (SMC) through Commission-approved coursework. So as of now, all programs will require full SMC completion through one of the following options: ESM Waivers/SMPP; pass all CSETs in content area; or have an authorized bachelor's degree that matches content area. 

GoReact - Formal and Secure Observations

goreact login here link

Depending on district and site parameters, University Supervisors may have the option of conducting in person supervision this upcoming Fall 2021 semester. It will be optional not required. There will still be full access to GoReact and Zoom for anyone who would like to proceed with virtual observation. Login to GoReact.

Point Contacts for GoReact Questions

MSCP/ESCP - Adam Devitt |
SSCP - Derek Riddle | 

Multiple Subject / Education Specialist Fieldwork Forms

MSCP Co-teaching Phase-In Schedule
MSCP  Record of Fieldwork Evaluations & Observations
MSCP Student Teaching Handbook
ESCP Record of Fieldwork Evaluations & Observations
ESCP Fieldwork Handbook

Individual (Induction) Development Plan - IDP

Warriors Teach! Residency Program Forms

Fall 2021 Residency Co-Teaching Schedule

Individual (Induction) Development Plan - IDP

Single Subject Fieldwork Forms


CT and Supervisor TPA Workshops

  • Cycle 1 | Monday, 8/23 from 5:30-7pm via Zoom
  • Cycle 2 | Sunday, 10/10 from 8:30-10am via Zoom

Student TPA Workshops

To sign up for a live online workshop, navigate to this FORM. Upon completing the form, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join. 

Cycle 1

  • 8/24/21 @ 5-7pm: CalTPA Orientation and Cycle 1 Workshop
  • 10/3/21 @ 8:30-9:30am: Cycle 1 Q&A

Cycle 2

  • 7/12/21 @ 10am-12pm: CalTPA Cycle 2 Workshop
  • 10/17/21 @ 8:30-10:30am: CalTPA Cycle 2 Workshop
  • 12/5/21 @ 8:30-9:30am: Cycle 2 Q&A

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Reference Information


Submission of Documentation for Final Evaluation

At the end of the fieldwork placement, MSCP and ESCP Supervisors are responsible for submitting the following documentation to the Office of Field Services for each student teacher/teacher candidate via email. 


  • 6 Formal Lesson Observations or Rubrics from GoReact (Unless advised otherwise)
  • 2 Formative Assessments of Fieldwork (Unless advised otherwise)
  • 1 Summative Assessment of Fieldwork and IDP 
  • Record of Fieldwork Evaluations and Observations

Residency Program 

1st Semester 

  • 3 Formal Lesson Observations or Rubrics from GoReact
  • 1st Formative Assessment of Fieldwork
  • Record of Fieldwork Evaluations and Observations

2nd Semester 

  • 3 Formal Lesson Observations or Rubrics from GoReact
  • 2nd Formative Assessment of Fieldwork
  • 1 Summative Assessment of Fieldwork and IDP
  • Record of Fieldwork Evaluations and Observations


All forms must be submitted via email to Field Services at