Special Education (Concurrent)

 Special Education

Fall 2020 Fieldwork Dates

August 17, 2020 - December 18, 2020 (All Day Long)

Application and Information

  • Application Period Closed

Eligibility Requirements

  • Valid TB Clearance for the entire student teaching period
  • Valid CCTC Clearance for the entire student teaching period
  • Complete 45 Hours of Early Field Experience
  • Pass all sections of CBEST 
  • Pass ALL CSET Exams in Content Area OR Complete the Elementary Subject Matter Waiver
  • Complete and Pass: Second Language Experience, WP English Composition, American Government/Constitution and ALL credential courses: Co-requisites and Method Courses
  • Attempt RICA exam

**If you have not completed ALL course work prior to student teaching, you will need to submit a Selection and Review Petition Form to Teacher Education for approval to take any courses while student teaching.**

    Student Forms 

    Student Teaching Courses

    • Mild/Moderate

      • EDSE 4815 - M/M Fieldwork Practicum I (3 Units)
      • EDSE 4915- M/M Fieldwork Practicum II (3 Units)
    • Moderate/Severe

      • EDSE 4915- M/S Fieldwork Practicum I (3 Units)
      • EDSE 4916- M/S Fieldwork Practicum II (3 Units)

    Contact Information

    Office of Field Services
    T | 209-667-3045
    F | 209-664-7132