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 Special Education

Spring 2021 Fieldwork Information

  • ST Dates | January 19, 2021 - May 28, 2021 (All Day Long)

Eligibility Requirements

It is important to note that submitting an application will not guarantee you fieldwork clearance. All eligibility requirements must be completed or in progress and all necessary documentation must be submitted to be eligible to begin your fieldwork. You will receive an email to your CSUStan email account when you are fully cleared.

  • If you are a teacher-of-record, you can only complete one portion of your fieldwork during spring 2021 and the final semester would be in fall 2021. 

Eligibility Requirements are:

  • Valid TB Clearance for the entire fieldwork period
  • Valid CCTC Clearance for the entire fieldwork period
  • Meet Basic Skills
    • You will need to submit proof of passage for one of the listed options under Admission Requirements #2 on the ESCP Information Sheet.
  • Complete the Elementary Subject Matter Waiver OR Pass at least one CSET 
  • Complete and Pass: Second Language Experience, WP English Composition, American Government/Constitution and ALL credential courses: Co-requisites and Method Courses

​***Please Note: The listed requirements above are currently set in place, please work on obtaining and submitting all necessary documentation. Although the Executive Order was approved for an extension, it is important to understand that programs will continue to uphold specific requirements for fieldwork eligibility. For example, CBEST will continue to be a mandatory requirement to begin your fieldwork as well as having passed one CSET. Proof that you are registered to take at least one more CSET by the time of your initial placement is also required for ESCP candidates.***

    Student Forms 

    Student Teaching Courses

    • Mild/Moderate

      • EDSE 4815 - M/M Fieldwork Practicum I (3 Units)
      • EDSE 4816- M/M Fieldwork Practicum II (3 Units)
    • Moderate/Severe

      • EDSE 4915- M/S Fieldwork Practicum I (3 Units)
      • EDSE 4916- M/S Fieldwork Practicum II (3 Units)

    Program Coordinator

    Dr. Karen Webster | ksanford@csustan.edu

    Karen Webster's Virtual Office Hours: T-W-R: 2:30 to 3:30 (or by appointment) https://csustan.zoom.us/j/96416194952 (Password: 055558)

    Contact Information

    Office of Field Services
    T | 209-667-3045
    F | 209-664-7132