Technology Tools For Online Teaching

Course web sites

Currently, the university provides training and support for Blackboard and Moodle course web sites for use in online courses.

» Blackboard vs. Moodle: What's the difference?

Lecture recordings: Slide-by-slide

These tools assume you will be using a slide-based format like PowerPoint. They enable you to record your lecture audio one slide at a time and then export a web movie that will be made available to students through Blackboard or Moodle. (Click to expand)

» VoiceThread

» Adobe Captivate

Lecture recordings: All-at-once

These options assume you want an easy way to narrate a "flow" of ideas and visual content without starting and stopping the recording. (Click to expand)

» Camtasia


» USB headset microphone for audio narration

Collaboration Tools

» Zoom Web Meetings

» VoiceThread

» Google Drive

Social Media Tools

» Twitter

» Facebook

Additional Tools

  • Pixlr Express - Totally free online image editor, perfect for basic resizing or touching up of image files. Pixlr Editor, a more full-powered image designer a la Photoshop is also freely available. Awesome!
  • - Create a free presentation without slides. Prezi uses spatial arrangement on a canvas to move through concepts that you organize visually along a path. Neat!
  • Vocaroo - Quick, one-click, totally free audio recording service that can send your recordings via email or post them a discussion board. Voice recording is often a very effective way to provide student feedback. Vocaroo makes it trivially easy!
  • More to come!

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