Scholarships for Honor Band Participants
Did you participate in an honor ensemble for your district, county, CMEA section, region, or state? If so, your participation alone will get you a $75 Discount off tuition per honor group (limit 2 for $150 total). Simply provide a copy of your program with your name and mail in with your registration application!

Applying for SMAS Scholarships

We have a limited number of private scholarships. To apply for these, you must submit a separate scholarship application. Be sure to submit all the required materials as stated on the form. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE DUE APRIL 30th.

Scholarship Application Form.pdf

Instructions for Scholarship Application

  1. Fill out ALL information on the form. Please make sure you include your email address. PLEASE USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS OF A PARENT, OR GUARDIAN. All communications from Summer Music to you will be sent to this email address. THE APPLICATION IS DUE APRIL 1ST. You will be notified by May 1st of the committee’s decision via the email address you provided. Please make sure to check your email junk folder if you do not hear anything from us after May 1st.  
  2. Include a recording featuring your playing on a short solo or etude, along with a full range chromatic scale (string players: instead of the chromatic scale, please play one major and one melodic minor scale – high school: 3 octaves, junior high: 2 octaves).
  3. If you are granted a scholarship, in order to claim it, you must submit a completed camp application (visit the camp website –, and click on the “register now” link). Along with the application, you must include the minimum $100.00 deposit, postmarked by MAY 15th; otherwise you will forfeit your scholarship.