Student Staff

Iris Aldama

Hello! My name is Iris Aldama, and I am a senior here at CSU Stanislaus. I am a first generation college student, majoring in business, with a double concentration in Human Resources and Operation Management.  I am one of the SSS Peer Mentors and I am very excited to get to meet you and help out in whatever I can. I love presenting fun educational workshops to SSS Students. I hope to see you all throughout the semester, so stop by and have a peer mentor visit.

David Cuevas

Hello, my name is Narciso Cuevas, but you can call me David. I am a Peer Mentor for Student Support Services (SSS). I transferred from Modesto Junior College with an associate’s degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Behavioral and Social Sciences. My goal is to graduate from CSU Stanislaus with a BA in Geology. I am looking forward with a positive attitude to the challenges that lie ahead. The program has helped me in many ways, and now I have the opportunity to assist my peers. Looking forward to meeting you, so stop by our office.

Antonio Layna

Greetings!! My name is Antonio and I am a peer mentor with SSS. My major is sociology with the emphasis of the culture, body, and society. I transferred from San Diego City College where I am originally from. I came to Turlock to pursue my dream career, which is to work with children in a garden setting. I have found my passion as sociology major in the caring and loving nature that is urban agriculture. I have had a good amount of experience working with college student in my junior college as a peer mentor and I will be bringing that same passion to SSS. I am looking forward to working with all of you!

Student Assistant

Kate Brown

Hello! My name is Kate Brown, and I am a junior here at CSU Stanislaus. I have worked for SSS since my freshman year as the student assistant. My major is English with a minor in Journalism. I also work on campus as an editor for the school newspaper, The Signal. If you need any assistance scheduling appointments, asking questions, filling out applications and more, please stop by and see me. I am happy to help anytime!