SSS Scholarship Information

To be eligible for an SSS scholarship, students must meet the following criteria

  • Be a Current SSS student.
  • Must be an SSS participant for at least one semester prior to applying for a scholarship.
  • Full time student, 12 units per semester.
  • Good academic standing (2.6 and over) in the semester.
  • Good Program standing (2 appointments each with SSS Advisor/WS/Peer Mentor).
  • Eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant.
  • Must have a minimum unmet need of $1,000.
  • Attend 4-6 Academic Enrichment Activities throughout the prior or current semester (see below for qualifying activities).
  • Must attend a Financial Literacy Workshop.

Qualifying Activities-Per Semester

  • Attend any of the scheduled SSS Peer Mentor workshops per semester.
  • Attend Academic Success Workshops offered through other campus departments. Proof required.
  • Attend SSS Program Activity or event; i.e.: Peer Mentor Workshops, Teacher Conference, Graduate Forum, Holiday Fest, Back to School, CBEST and/or WPST Workshops.

Additional Requirements

  • Students will be evaluated on a semester basis. Scholarships distributed in the Fall and Spring sessions is contingent on completion of all the required activities for theprevious semester.
  • Students awarded an SSS scholarship are subject to re-payment if you drop below full-time units.
  • In the event of additional monies, students will be awarded based on highest GPA and need.
  • SSS Grant award application (pdf) are available at the beginning of the semester and are due by the end of the third week. Scholarships are disbursed within 45 days of the beginning of the semester. This is subject to change if considered necessary by the SSS Program Director.