Current Students

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Already paid for with tuition! (except Extended Ed students)

Students enrolled in the current semester pay the SRC fee with tuition. The first time you visit the SRC you are required to complete an €œSRC Release and Informed Consent€ form. This form is valid for as long as you are a student of the University. Minors are required to obtain their parent/guardian signature prior to participating. Don€™t forget your Warrior ID€¦you won€™t be able to get in without it.

Spring 2013


SRC Access Dates

January 27, 2013 €“ August 17, 2013


Students paying the fee in the Spring Term will have access from the 1st week of the Spring term to the week before classes start in the Fall term.


Fall 2013


SRC Access Dates

August 18, 2013 €“ January 25, 2014


Students paying the fee in the Fall Term will have access from €œDorm Move-In-Day€ of the Fall term to the week before the start in the Spring term.


The $133.50 SRC fee is not included in tuition for students enrolled through Extended Education. These students have the option to pay the fee for the current semester at the SRC. An €œSRC Release and Informed Consent€ form will also need to be completed.

What does the SRC have to offer?

The SRC€™s Fitness Center offers participants a safe, complete workout in the area of cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and strength training. Participants have the opportunity to work out on their own in the Personal Ex Room or participate in Group Exercise classes. The facility houses a selection of free weight equipment, stack weight machines, a variety of cardio equipment and a stretching area.  Whether you enjoy working out alone or surrounding yourself with people who have similar fitness goals, the SRC has something for everyone.

The Warrior Stadium and Soccer Training Complex serve the needs of the Athletic Department for team operations and camps. The track is also available for recreational use by students during facility daylight hours and when not in use by a group reservation.

The SRC Rec Field serves as the primary outdoor field space for programming of Intramurals.

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