Student Affairs Mission and Vision


In keeping with the University mission, Student Affairs will develop and retain a diverse student body and provide superior student services in support of academic success, personal wellness and lifelong learning.


The Division of Student Affairs will transform students into engaged, citizen scholars.

To realize this vision, we will:

  • Assess and respond to students' needs;
  • Foster intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, and civic development as part of the University experience;
  • Promote an awareness of and appreciation for differences;
  • Promote educational opportunity and equity;
  • Build a professional team of diverse, knowledgeable, caring and responsive managers and staff;
  • Enhance cooperation and communication among all of our departments and programs, utilizing best practices and implementing evolving technologies;
  • Respond effectively to change and serve as a recognized agent for change within the University community;
  • Respect and empower students as full members of the campus community;
  • Cultivate a vibrant campus culture.