Stanislaus Asociacin de Investigacin Latina (SAIL)

SAIL Program Goals and Objectives

Three broad goals have been established for the project.

  1. To establish a learning community that will provide an academic and social support structure for students.
    • To increase student engagement in their academic program.
    • To increase student motivation to complete the program and continue in the profession.
    • To create a bridge between the academic and professional culture.
    • To increase student retention and graduation rates.
  1. To develop research capacities within graduate students.
    • To improve the ability of students to establish research questions.
    • To improve the ability of students to gather both qualitative and quantitative data.
    • To improve the data analysis skills of students.
    • To improve the written communication and formal presentation skills of students.
  1. To establish a collaborative to study key issues in the education of Hispanic students.
    • To develop a mentoring relationship between graduate students, professors, practitioners and educational leaders from the surrounding community.
    • To conduct research on dual-language schools in the local area.
    • To conduct research on effective dual language instruction.

Develop/brainstorm programs and options based on these goals and objectives