S.A.I.L. Vision Statement

S.A.I.L. Vision Statement

The SAIL vision statement defines who we are and what we want to look like in the not-too-distant future.

SAIL graduates will assume positions of leadership in educational and community organization within and beyond the Central Valley of California.

We will have an established research base for dual language education.

We will witness exceptional educational achievement of English learners and children of color in the Central Valley and beyond.

We will witness an increased intercultural understanding among k-12 students and in our broader community in the Central Valley and higher education.

We will rejoice in an increase in children who acquire native like proficiency in a second and third language.

We will provide ample opportunities for students to participate in successful dual language programs through k-12 and into the university.

We will enjoy a commitment to the development of dual language programs in the Central Valley and beyond.

We will witness community and societal commitment and support for bilingual/dual language education in the Central Valley and beyond.