CSU Chancellor€™s Office Doctoral Incentive Program

CSU Chancellor€™s Office Doctoral Incentive Program

Do you plan to pursue a doctoral degree? Have you considered the possibility of someday teaching at the university level? The CSU system makes an effort each year to encourage our best and brightest graduate students to do just that. Two of the incentives available to you are described below: the Chancellors Doctoral Incentive (Forgivable Loan) Program, and the California Pre-Doctoral Program. Both are designed to encourage you to pursue your education as far as possible.

Chancellor€s Doctoral Incentive Program

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The CSU Forgivable Loan/Doctoral Incentive Program provides financial assistance to graduate students who show promise of becoming strong candidates for CSU instructional faculty positions.

The purpose of the program is to increase the pool of individuals with the qualifications, motivation, and skills to teach the diverse student body in the California State University. It is a highly competitive program directed by the CSU, but is open to applicants who will be new or continuing full-time students in doctoral programs at accredited universities anywhere in the United States.

Program Details:

  • Loans are available in amounts of up to $10,000 per year, up to a total of $30,000.
  • Loans obtained through the program are repayable over a 15-year period.
  • If a participant applies, competes for, and is hired in a CSU instructional faculty position after completion of the doctoral degree, 20% of the loan will be forgiven for each year of full-time postdoctoral teaching employment in the CSU.

For information and to download your application, go to: http://www.calstate.edu/hr/cdip/. The deadline to apply for the 2010-2011 academic year is February 4, 2010.

California Pre-Doctoral Program

The California Pre-Doctoral Program is designed to increase the diversity of the pool from which the California State University draws its faculty. It does so by supporting the doctoral aspirations of CSU students who have experienced economic and educational disadvantages. A special emphasis is placed on increasing the number of CSU students who enter graduate programs at one of the University of California (UC) campuses.

Each of the applicants selected will be designated a Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholar and will work closely with a CSU faculty sponsor to develop an overall plan which leads ultimately to enrollment in a doctoral program. The plan should be tailored to the specific goals and career objectives of the student.

In addition, the program provides:

1. Travel funds for the student and faculty sponsor to visit U.S. doctoral-granting institutions and/or to attend professional meetings appropriate to the student's development.

2. Funds for other related activities, such as student membership in professional organizations and subscriptions to journals, graduate school application and test fees, GRE preparation, and the cost of minor research materials.

3. A Summer Research Internship opportunity at a University of California campus or other major research university, fully funded by the Pre-Doctoral Program, so that the Scholar can participate in doctoral-level research.

Application materials for the 2010-2011 academic year will be available December 1, 2009. For more information and to download your application, go to: http://www.calstate.edu/PreDoc/cpdp_program.shtml or contact the Graduate School.

I hope you€™"ll take a moment to consider these amazing opportunities, and please give me a call if I can answer any questions.


Raichelle Grays

Graduate School Advisor/Recruiter