University Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

screengrab of COVID-19 Updates & FAQs website
Following the guidance of the Governor’s stay-at-home order, the University began transitioning to online/remote learning and operations March 17.

The collective effort of our entire faculty, staff and student body has made this monumental transition possible. It has been truly remarkable to see our Warrior community come together to support one another, even though we are apart. Our faculty members are heroes. They are keeping learning going in a way that we never-before imagined possible. Our staff is incredible in its support of our faculty and students. Processes have been made paperless, advising is taking place via Zoom, and countless video chats, phone calls and emails keep our community informed.

To provide updates and resources that can easily be accessed by our entire campus community, the University has established the COVID-19 Updates & FAQs website, geared to specific audiences. The website features information and resources for students, faculty, staff and is updated frequently — sometimes hourly. You can view Stan State’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and ask a question online.

To our extended Stan State community, we thank you deeply for supporting and caring about your University. You are key to helping us prepare and augment the Central Valley’s workforce and fuel our economy. While the campus seems empty, please know we are here and available as a resource and partner to respond to the effects as we emerge from this global pandemic.

In addition, some have asked how they can help during this difficult time. Our answer is “support our students.” They remain our focus and the reason for our work. We encourage those in our community who want to make a difference for our students to consider a financial gift to our Stan State Campus Cares Fund. Gifts to this Fund will help offset the financial hardship our students face, or support our Warrior Food Pantry.

You can also uplift the graduating Class of 2020 by sharing an encouraging #StanGrad message on social media.

Together, we are #WarriorStrong.


“I am heartened by the hard work of our instructors and the candor and appreciation showcased by our brilliant music students as we navigate this transition. I often hear students sharing that our quick move to the online forums is saving their semester. Our students see purpose in their lessons and strive to outdo themselves against all the odds placed before them. It is an honor to be their instructor!”

David D. Chapman
Professor of Guitar & Lute Studies,
Interim Music Chair

“The campus moved very quickly in support of faculty and students. I have a staff member who had no internet at her home or laptop. The University, within one day, was able to provide a laptop and hotspot so she could work safely from home. I think we have to be proud of ourselves for putting our students first and making sure they get the education they deserve and want, no matter what format it takes.”

Debbie Tavernier
Director, School of Nursing

“I’m grateful for my health. I stay home to hopefully return back to the old reality I took for granted. It is going to be rough to stay on top of my studies but I have to remember to take it one assignment at a time and ask for help when I need it."

Maria Marquez
President, Associated Students Inc.

“If I could give a round of applause to Stan State's faculty, staff, student leaders and everyone in between — I would. I appreciate all the emails and social media updates; they are affirming and reminding us that we are all in this together.”

Chelsie Muro-Lopez
Senior, Liberal Studies Major

“Although the period we are living in at the moment is unlike anything we have experienced, there is one thing to remember, and that is we are all in this together.”

Donovan Orozco
Junior, Economics Major

“What I see now more than ever is everyone trying to establish a connection. Friends, co-workers and even strangers are taking the time to make sure that everyone is OK and comfortable with this new reality that we’re living in. I can’t say enough how many acts of kindness I’ve seen these past few weeks and I hope that people will continue to remain this way even after this all comes to an end.”

Wonuola Olagunju
Senior, Biology Major