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By Brian VanderBeek

Stan State Signs Groundbreaking Athletics Deal with Nike and BSN SPORTS

Providing the best possible experience is at the heart of the promise Stanislaus State makes to all its student-athletes.

That promise extends to the gear the Warriors will be wearing on the fields and courts — not only at home but throughout the California Collegiate Athletic Association, as Stan State has signed a groundbreaking deal with Nike and BSN SPORTS, for all Warrior teams to be outfitted by Nike.

“It’s a great time to be a Stan State Warrior,” said Director of Athletics Terry Donovan. “Our new long-term partnership with Nike and BSN SPORTS will provide Warrior student-athletes with premier apparel and equipment. This will enhance the experience for student-athletes, coaches, staff, alumni and fans.”

As part of the agreement, Nike will outfit all Warrior teams and provide additional gear at a substantial discount. In addition, an online store for Stan State athletics apparel has been established and Stan State branded Nike merchandise will be sold at many Warrior home contests.

“This is the first all sports apparel agreement in athletics department history for Stan State,” Donovan said. “Nike is the world’s largest athletic apparel company and we are thrilled to be a part of the family.”

The worldwide recognition of the Nike swoosh logo serves to underscore the scope of the corporation’s reach. As of the second quarter of 2019, Nike had the largest market capitalization of all sports apparel companies at $110 billion. By comparison, the second and third companies in that sector — Adidas and Under Armour — had a combined market cap of $65 billion. Meanwhile, BSN SPORTS is the largest supplier of team sports equipment and apparel in the US with more than 100,000 customers and sales professionals in all 50 states.

pole vault​“This agreement with Stan State affirms our mission to deliver elite, customized products and services across every single corner of campus,” said Ray Buck, Vice President of Sales at BSN SPORTS. “We are genuinely excited to get to know all of the coaches and campus administrators associated with this great athletics program and work tirelessly to put time back into their day so they can spend more time elevating and impacting student lives.”

“It is a really big deal for Stan State to become a Nike school,” said Stan State Men’s Basketball Coach Paul Trevor. “I think being a Nike school definitely helps with recruiting. Nike is the undisputed leader in athletics footwear and sports apparel. The brand is beyond recognizable and our student-athletes are so excited to be wearing their gear.”

The brand awareness of Nike is particularly strong in basketball, Trevor said.

“In the sport of basketball, Nike is it,” Trevor said. “The legends of basketball have always worn Nike. Think of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James. Nike is the brand leader and young athletes — especially in the sport of basketball — are excited to be a part of the brand and the University that it supports. Stan State basketball with the Nike swoosh is a big deal.”

The same sentiments were shared by Warriors Volleyball Coach Mallori Gibson-Rossi, who sees the partnership with Nike as a step toward taking the entire athletics program to a higher level.

“It is amazing to see a multinational corporation such as Nike recognizing our Athletics Department,” Gibson-Rossi said. “It adds a sense of pride and prestige to our brand.

“It’s not uncommon for recruits to ask what brand we wear and most recruits prefer Nike. Nike uses innovative and groundbreaking technology to create their products. It’s more than just a uniform — it’s a uniform that provides a level of comfort and confidence to our student-athletes.”

Since several Stan State teams recently purchased uniforms, it may take a year or two for all Warriors to be sporting the swoosh in contests. But according to Donovan, the impact of the new contract will be both significant and immediate.

“This partnership will provide significant savings to the Athletics Department and allow us to wear the highest quality gear,” Donovan said. “It’s a win-win for our University and we are grateful Nike and BSN SPORTS believe in the future of our Warrior Nation.”