In the Spotlight

Danielle Fletcher

Class Level


Degree Objective

Bachelor of Science


Business Administration: concentrations in Accounting and Human Resources Management


San Bernardino, CA


I am the youngest of a large family of eight children and I have a twin sister. I was born and raised in San Bernardino, CA until I came to CSU Stanislaus. Throughout high school I played a variety of varsity sports including Water Polo, Swim, Track, and Cross Country. I was hoping to play Water Polo in College until CSU Stanislaus beat out all my top private universities for where I wanted to go.

Since coming to CSU Stanislaus I have found a place to prosper and flourish. I looked into tons of clubs and orgs and signed up on probably 20 different mailing lists. When it came down to being an active member, I stepped up in the roles of Alpha Xi Delta, Faculty Mentor Program Student Org. (FMPSO), Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), and the Honors Program. I have had multiple roles in these organizations including secretary for FMPSO, Alumna Relations, VP of PR, Financial VP, and President of Alpha Xi Delta, and President of SHRM. Being active and involved is what drives me. I plan on earning my MBA from a top university and moving on to a high level leadership position in a large corporation. For the summer of 2011 I will be interning with NBC Universal.

Why did you choose CSU Stanislaus?

I chose CSU Stanislaus because from the moment I started looking into the school I was astounded by the welcoming atmosphere and people. I first participated in Stan Express, a Housing program that allows potential students to stay a weekend in the dorms. There I met so many diverse people who seemed genuinely happy with their lives and where they were going. Then looking into Financial Aid and transfer credits, I received nothing but friendly and outstanding help from the Faculty and Staff. What it came down to is that CSU Stanislaus is a great school with exceptional academics (a highly accredited College of Business), amazing people, beautiful scenery, and all at a much more affordable price than the private universities I was looking into.

What advice would you give a prospective student?

For any prospective student I would strongly encourage that you look into all of your options; explore and entertain as many opportunities as possible. When it comes down to where you choose, the place you thought would be your first choice might very well not be. In the end, make the most of your college experience, it is worth it; become as active as you can and push yourself forward.

What has been your favorite academic or student life experience so far?

I am horrible with choosing favorites because there are so many good times and different experiences that I have enjoyed and value in different ways; living on campus and being super involved with SHRM and Alpha Xi Delta National Women's Fraternity have definitely led to many of my top memories.

What is your career objective?

My current career objective is to be a top executive at a mid. to larger size corporation. I am not sure the industry yet but I would love to be a Vice President of Human Resources or another position along the same lines where I can focus on reconciling strategy and current needs while focusing on people and developing a company's "Human Capital".

Why did you choose to attend graduate school?

I do plan on pursuing my Master of Business Administration (MBA). I want and need more work experience to attain the most I can from a program. I am looking into many of the top MBA programs and my current favorite is the Harvard MBA (2+2) program.

What clubs, sports, and activities have you participated in?

I have been very involved at CSU Stanislaus. I have joined many clubs and organizations including Faculty Mentor Program, the Honors Program, the Society for Human Resource Management, the Accounting Society, Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society, and Alpha Xi Delta National Women's Fraternity. In addition, in my first few years I was able to be more active in intramural sports including Volleyball and Winter Ball in the dorms.

Who is your most influential personal and/or University mentor?

There are many people that influenced and helped guide me in my experiences at CSU Stanislaus. One of the first that I met was Clarissa Lonn-Nichols, Assistant Director of Student Leadership. She was my advisor in the Faculty Mentor Program Student Org., and she helped to show me the resources and opportunities available to CSU Stanislaus Students. Other than Clarissa, the list cannot fail to mention Dr. Edward Hernandez, my SHRM advisor, and many of my fellow students and Alpha Xi Delta's.

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