EMC Members

Who are the members of the Enrollment Management Committee?  

Lisa Bernardo Director, Enrollment Services
Helene Claudill Dean, University Extended Education 
Matthew Cover  Faculty Director of CEGE
Brandon Demers ASI President
Paz Oliverez Vice President, Student Affairs
David Evans Dean, College of Science
Tomas Gomez-Arias Dean, College of Business Administration
Noelia Gonzalez Director, Admissions & Financial Aid
Kimberly Greer Provost/Vice President, Academic Affairs
Faimous Harrison Dean, Stockton Center
Darrell Haydon Vice President, Business & Finance
Marie Hirschkorn Analyst, Faculty Affairs
Ellen Junn President
Gitanjali Kaul Chair, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Enrollment Management & Innovation
Oddmund Myhre Dean, College of Education, Kinesiology & Social Work
Amanda Theis Academic Operations Specialist, Academic Affairs
Fuji Collins AVP of Student Success
James Tuedio Dean, College of the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Jovonte Willis Interim Director, Business Intelligence & Institutional Research
Stephanie Hubbard Director of Student Leadership & Development
Stuart C. Wooley  Interim Faculty Director of GE and Faculty Fellow for Assessment
Shawna Young Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs


Roles and Responsibilities of EMC Members

  • Create a comprehensive strategic enrollment management plan with short-term and long-term goals aligned with budgetary resources
  • Collaborate with colleagues across campus in academic affairs, administration, finance, student affairs and information services to achieve enrollment goals through shared responsibility
  • Work with campus stakeholders to explore, develop and implement enrollment models, projections, and statistical reports to track admission and enrollment data and trends; and make recommendations for enhancing retention and graduation strategies on campus
  • Develop and monitor enrollment goals, benchmarks and targets as needed for various student subpopulations
  • Monitor student retention and recruitment including traditional, transfer, dual degree, graduate programs, first-generation, and international students
  • Assist in pursuing CO’s GRI goals and developing and monitoring retention and graduation goals for various student subpopulations
  • Assist the campus in meeting all Chancellor’s Office goals and directives involving enrollment management
  • Use enrollment data to advocate for appropriate and sustained CO funding
  • Assess the effectiveness of current processes, recruitment and retention activities, financial aid/scholarship programs, application yield and melt rates, administrative policies pertaining to add/drop policies, and make appropriate adjustments in keeping with both the changing market forces and the university's needs
  • Disseminate information on enrollment analysis and other reports to the campus community and university leadership to meet the university's strategic goals
  • Develop an enrollment management calendar for each academic year
  • Study scheduling practices, effectiveness of time modules, student faculty ratios, and other variables that link to budgetary resources and program quality
  • Assess changing setting for student enrollment through regularly scheduled environment scans, and shifts in demographic and employment trends