What are we actually doing to help our homeless community members?

Turlock Journal article written by Lupita Barraza, Denae Davis, Austin Gunter and Jackie Hernandez, CSU Stanislaus, Master of Social Work students

Poverty Reduction Strategies in the Central Valley Presentations

Health Inequity in California's Heartland: Exploring the Role of Poverty by John Capitman.ppt

Poverty Reduction Strategies in the Welfare to Work Program by Rebecca Maietto.ppt

Poverty Reduction Strategies in the Central Valley, Reducing Poverty in Stanislaus County: Subsidized Employment and Beyond by Kathy Harwell.ppt

Faculty Publications

Struggling toward Indigenous representation and service improvement within the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development by Jane Rousseau.pdf

The Elusive Promise - First People Child and Family Review Rousseau 2015.pdf

Aging Out Report.pdf

Community Inquiry: Homeless Shelter in Turlock Report.pdf

Complementary Therapies Final Report.pdf

Democratic Therapy: When the Public Good is Almost Impossible - Politically by Dr. Mario D'Angeli.pdf

Health and Poverty in the US.pdf

Injuries to Social Workers from Client Assault - CSWE Presentation by Robin Ringstad, Ph.D.pdf

Rethinking the Rhetoric of Independence by John A. Garcia, Yvonne Leal, Paul Sivak & Shradha Tiberwal.pdf

Riverbank Step by Step Underage Drinking Report.pdf

Service Learning through Community Inquiry by Robin Ringstad, Ph.d., Valerie Leyva, Ph.D., John Garcia, Ph.D. & Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl, Ph.D.ppt

"The Jump Start Learning to Learn Model for First Intervention: Teaching Parents of Children with Autism How to Fish" Bryna Siegel, Ph.D.ppt

The Master's Thesis: An Endangered Species in Social Work Education - CSWE Presentation by John A. Garcia, Charles Floyd, & Sarah Werth.pdf