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Art Space is moving!

We are moving Art Space. Look for a beautiful new gallery and a great Workshop season. Information to come soon.


Spring 2018 Workshops Announced

Hours: 10am to 1pm
Costs: $50.00 per class
Workshops will be held at the new Stan State Art Space or at the Stan State Art Department.

More details to come including signup links. Check back soon.

About the instructor

Andrew Cain

Andrew Cain hard at workAndrew Cain was born in San Leandro, CA and grew up in Modesto, CA. After studying art at the Modesto Junior College, he moved to Brisbane, AUS where he attended Queensland College of Art and in 2009 graduated with a BFA in Printmaking. While studying Andrew had a chance to work with major galleries showing work, installing art, and opening exhibitions. When he returned in 2010, he became active in the local art communities showing work in Fresno, Merced, Modesto, and Sacramento. He became a board member of the Modesto Art Museum in 2010 during this time and later served as the Executive Director of the Museum in 2015. In 2013 he became the Instructional Support Technician for the Art Department at Stanislaus State. He is currently making films and podcasting with a local production company, The Horrific Network and working with local art organizations. His work is about the eternal search to find connections between people, defining what it means to have and share an identity. Obsessed with storytelling he uses references from cartoons, comic books, horror movies and television from his childhood to explore identity, reality and emotion connecting the viewer to his work through nostalgia.

Andrew Cain work examples


Adobe Photoshop

February 10,2018

Learn how to create and manipulate images and photos through Adobe Photoshop.


Mono Printing

March 10, 2018

Create one of a kind imagery through the different process of printmaking. Using stencils blocks and plates you will create paintings through the press.


Screen Printing

April 14, 2018

Learn how to create stencils, hand drawn and photographic, registration for multiple colors, how to prep a screen for both methods and the art of screen-printing and its many uses in art and production.



May 12, 2018

Create hand carved imagery and the expressive nature of the mark making created through the relief process. How to transfer imagery onto blocks for carving and this learn how this ancient form of printmaking is still relevant in today’s art practices.


Adobe Photoshop

June 9, 2018

Learn how to create and manipulate images and photos through adobe Photoshop.


Adobe Premiere

July 14, 2018

Learn the basics of importing imagery into adobe primer and how to create your own short film, through basic editing and manipulation of digital video and audio.