How to Become a Recognized Student Organization

Recognition Documents

In order to be a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at Stanislaus State, the organization must have and complete:

  • At least five enrolled (matriculated) students, three to hold officer positions of President, Treasurer, and Student Event Coordinator (SEC).
  • Complete the ASI Student Organization Account Agreement to have an on-campus account through ASI.
  • All required IN-PERSON or ONLINE trainings completed by the deadline set by the Office of Student Leadership and Development and ASI for the following positions: President,Treasurer, SEC, and Advisor(s). 
  • Register an organization profile on WarriorHub. 
  • If an organization needs to change an officer they must notify the Student Organization & Greek Life advisor and complete the online training.

Fall 2019 Nuts & Bolts Student Organization Training:

Wednesday, August 21 @ 9:00am-12:30pm

All sessions have been recorded. If your organization's President, SEC, or Treasurer did not attend Nuts & Bolts, they can access the training through WarriorHub.

Required Officer Trainings

RSO Officer and Advisor Training:

All Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Officers and Faculty/Staff Advisors must complete the required trainings on WarriorHub.

President Training

All RSO Presidents must complete the officer training each year. Only the President will be able to create the WarriorHub RSO profile. The Presidents will have access to everything on the WarriorHub profile and can give access permissions to anyone else in the group.

Helpful President Documents:

Student Event Coordinator Training

All Student Event Coordinators must complete the officer training in order to utilize the 25Live reservation and WarriorHub event system. The Student Event Coordinator is the only position responsible for entering events into the 25Live reservations system. Presidents will have access to the reservation(s) in the event that the Student Event Coordinator is unable.

Helpful Student Event Coordinator Documents/Links:

Access 25Live Scheduler HERE

25Live SEC Cheat Sheet

Treasurer Training

All Treasurers must attend an IN-PERSON officer training, provided by ASI, to discuss policies and procedures related to their RSO on-campus account.

Helpful Treasurer Documents:

Contact Name: Ashley Ulloa
Phone Number: 209-667-3815

Recognized Student Organizations are able to:

  • Recruit members on campus
  • Reserve University and Student Center space for meetings and social functions on campus
  • Post material in appropriate locations around campus
  • Receive an organization mailbox, located in the Office of Student Leadership & Development
  • Receive on-campus accounting services through ASI
  • Hold food fundraisers or special events that enable your RSO to raise funds for the organization or a chosen charitable/philanthropic purpose.
  • Advising from the Office of Student Leadership and Development on the following:
    • Special Event Planning
    • Fundraising
    • Leadership and Officer Training
    • WarriorHub Implementation for your RSO

Please contact your SLD Advisor for questions: 

Julie Anaya, Coordinator for Student Organizations &Greek Life
Office: 209-667-3778
Direct: 209-664-6830