Do you want to improve your self concept, broaden your career aspirations, and achieve a sense of identifying with the University and its goals? If so, come and be part of the Faculty Mentor Program. Students, if you would like to have a faculty member join FMP as a Mentor, email Clarissa Lonn-Nichols, at

What are the benefits for joining FMP?

  • An opportunity to develop a relationship with a faculty member
  • Boosts your self esteem
  • Shares your dreams and enlarges your vision
  • Provides advice, counseling, and support
  • Introduces you to the educational or corporate structure
  • Gives feedback on your progress
  • Educational activities that are fun and culturally diverse
  • Teaches code of behavior and the value of responsibility
  • Supports your educational/career goals
  • An experience that will last you a life time

What does a protégé do?

A protégé is an active student participant in the Faculty Mentor Program. Each protégé selects the participating faculty they would like to develop a mentoring relationship with. Mentors and Protégés have the ability to attend events that fit their interest and schedules. All FMP's events are completely voluntary for protégés and mentors. Scheduled meetings between protégés and mentors, besides program events, are arranged between mentor and protégés. Protégés are able to make lasting relationships with their mentors.

How can I become a protégé?

  1. Come to the Office of Student Leadership and Development, where the Faculty Mentor Program is located, in the University Student Union (USU) room 103 and request a FMP Protege Application. OR You may download the protege application (click on highlighted text above) and email it to Clarissa Lonn-Nichols at
  2. Students applying to the program during the fall semester must do so before the first Monday of November.  Student applying to the program during the spring semester must do so before the first Monday in March. 
  3. Fill out application and return it to the FMP office, located in the USU room 103.
  4. When you turn in your FMP Application to the Office of Student Leadership and Development, you will be sent an email to set up a time to meet with Clarissa Lonn-Nichols. At the meeting she will guide you with how to choose a mentor and recommend which mentors may be a good match. Students may also select a faculty member from the online FMP Mentor list and will need to arrange to meet with Clarissa Lonn-Nichols to inquire if the mentor you wish to choose is available. This person should be a person you would prefer to mentor you. In order for your application to be completed, you must receive a mentor's signature, authorizing that they agree to be your mentor.
  5. Return the Mentor's Signature Card to the office, USU room 103. If you need a Mentor Signature Card, please feel free to come to the Office of Student Leadership and Development to pick one up.
  6. Once you have turned in your Protege Application and turned in the Mentor Signature Card, you are officially in the Faculty Mentor Program. You will be put on our mailing list in order to recieve information about upcoming events, scholarships and other student support services and opportunities for student success.

Please feel free to contact Clarissa Lonn-Nichols or the Office of Student Leadership and Development if you have any questions, the student centered staff is always delighted to assist students. All questions are good questions and we look forward to supporting your student success. The OSLD phone number is (209) 667-3778 or you can email any inquiries to