Shreedhar Ganapathy

Shreedhar GanapathyInternational Student Finds Career Success in Silicon Valley

California State University, Stanislaus is known for its diverse student population. Students from around the world attend the University because it is affordable and has a great student-faculty ratio that offers students the opportunity to work closely with their instructors.

Shreedhar Ganapathy left his career and life in India to attend CSU Stanislaus, hoping to start a new career in the technology industry.

With bachelors and master’s degrees in commerce from India and career experience in currency trading for Banque Nationale De Paris, Ganapathy enrolled in the CSU Stanislaus Master’s of Business Administration Program in l997. He took advantage of the program’s flexibility and enrolled in computer science classes that would eventually help him land a position with Sun Microsystems Inc. He graduated in July l998.

“CSU Stanislaus allows you to build your elective courses to what you want to go forward with,” Ganapathy said. “There are no restrictions. It is a very flexible system that many other schools don’t have.”

Ganapathy is now staff engineer and senior software architect for Sun Microsystems Inc. in Santa Clara. One of his many responsibilities includes helping to create software that makes automated business transactions and processes possible.

Ganapathy described his experience at CSU
Stanislaus as “extremely pleasant.”

“Professors were very knowledgeable and access was never a problem,” Ganapathy said. “The management training in the MBA program helps me with the business aspect of what I do almost every day.”

Ganapathy encourages the University to seek out large employers from the Bay area to recruit more CSU Stanislaus graduates for lucrative jobs.