Special Thanks

The College of Science thanks all the dedicated faculty, staff and students who helped to make this event possible. Your efforts demonstrate your love of science and your commitment to developing lifelong learning for all members of our local community.

Dean, College of Science

Dr. Dave Evans

Departments and Programs

Alliance for Minority Participation, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Child Development, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Geology, Joint Engineering Program, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics and Physical Sciences, Psychology, Trans-California Pathway Project

Faculty and Staff

Elvin Alemán, Jose Diaz-Garayua, Michael Drake, Andrew Gardner, Michele Gordon, Mark Grobner,  Brian Jue, Patrick Kelly, David Martin, Wendy Matthew, Alison McNally,  Shane Phillips, Julia Sankey, Jeffery Scales, Gonul Schara, Carrie Sonke, Koni Stone, Wing To, Gary Williams,  Jim Youngblom, Liangmin Zhang

Student Clubs

Biology Student Association, Pre-Health Society, Math and SIAM Clubs, SPS Club, Student Nurses Association, Warriors Chemistry Club, Geography Club, Psychology Club

Office of Service-Learning Staff

Julie Fox, Brett Forray, Sunpreet Kaur, Breanna Hale

Student Assistants


AmeriCorps VISTA

Daisy Hernandez

Special Thanks To:

Donna Pierce and the Stan State Class of 2012 for their contribution to the Trans-California Pathway Project.

The College of Education, Kinesiology and Social Work
Dean Oddmund Myhre and the office of Teacher Recruitment and Retention

And a Special Thanks to the Following for Their Financial Support in Making Science Day Possible:


Shivani Thakur

Turlock Irrigation District




science building

"There is grandeur in this view of life. ...[that] from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved."

~ Charles Darwin