Science Day Activities

Passport Books! - All K-8 grade kids, please remember to get your passports stamped for each activity you attend. Bring your passport to the information table at the front door to pick from a selection of prizes.

Activities for Science Day 2018 


First Floor

Motion Sensors and Robotic Rover - N101
Program a robotic car or follow a path using a TI handheld calculator!

Math you can count on! - N104
Math games and puzzles, origami figures

Rocks and Minerals - N111
Explore the stuff the Earth is made of

Fossils - Monsters of the Past - N112
Fossil displays of dinosaurs, mammals, and other extinct animals, come meet T-Rex

Mechanics - N121
Have fun testing the laws of Physics

Astronomy - N129
Take a journey and explore the universe

Optics and Electricity - N130
Explore the amazing properties of light

Second Floor

Animal Adaptation; Biodiversity - N206
View various vertebrate Specimens; Conservation Demonstrations

Dining with Parasites - N210
Parasites that are transmitted via food

Life in Cold Blood: Amphibians and Reptiles - N211
Amphibians and Reptiles

Hidden in Plain View - N221
Wildlife of the San Joaquin Valley by Dan Rosenberg

Coding with Robots - N223
Learn basic computer programing using Ozobots

Lungs - N224
Learn how we breath and build a lung model

We are all made of cells - N229
Explore various cells,  and build a cell model

Kid's Activities - N230
Science coloring books

Third Floor

Chemistry of Minerals - Lobby
Learn about the chemistry of minerals and rocks

Magnetite from Sand - Lobby
Extract magnetite from sand and study magnetic field lines

Rocks and Minerals Scavenger Hunt - Lobby
Learn fun facts about the physical and chemical properties of rocks and minerals and search for a specimen in a mine dump pile

Chemical Elements of the Earths Crust - Lobby
Learn about the elements of the periodic table that are naturally found in rocks and minerals

Geochemical Exploration - N322
Learn about the elements of the periodic table that are naturally found in rocks and minerals

Microbes are Everywhere - N334
Observe dozens of microscopic organisms  including those from campus pond water, local sewage, and the always endearing water bear


Greenhouse - Tour and Potting your own plant

Trans California Pathway
Use GPS to discover native plants and make your own leaf bookmark.

TID/MID Educational Trailer: Water & Electricity
Learn about the Tuolumne River Basin, Water Cycle, Solar Power, Energy Conservation and more

National Ag Science Center
Visit this amazing moving laboratory to learn how science affects agriculture

Science I

Get Psyched: The Science of Psychology and Child Development - S127 & S129
Activities from several areas of psychology including perception (optical illusions & taste perception), behavior analysis (animal training), and others.

Make and Take Science - S135-S139

There will be several rooms of hands-on make and take science as well as engaging science demos. Come join us for fun with science!

Robots in Healthcare - S203
Using technology to teach about health care

Hands-Only CPR -   S205
Learn the skills to save a life at our CPR Demonstration

The Digestive System and Making Poo -   S228
You are what you eat!  Learn the importance of eating a balanced diet and how the digestive system works!

Hearts -  S228
Learn about the basic functions of the heart by handling a real cow’s heart!