Science Day Activities

Passport Books! - All K-8 grade kids, please remember to get your passports stamped for each activity you attend. Bring your passport to the information table at the front door to pick from a selection of prizes.

Tentative Activities for Science Day 2018 


First Floor

Motion Sensors and Robotic Rover - N101
Program a robotic car or follow a path using a TI handheld calculator!

Math you can count on! - N104
Math games and puzzles, origami figures

Rocks and Minerals - N111
Explore the stuff the Earth is made of

Fossils - Monsters of the Past - N112
Fossil displays of dinosaurs, mammals, and other extinct animals, come meet T-Rex

Mechanics - N121
Have fun testing the laws of Physics

Astronomy - N129
Take a journey and explore the universe

Optics and Electricity - N130
Explore the amazing properties of light

Second Floor

Animal Adaptation; Biodiversity - N206
View various vertebrate Specimens; Conservation Demonstrations

Dining with Parasites - N210
Parasites that are transmitted via food

Life in Cold Blood: Amphibians and Reptiles - N211
Amphibians and Reptiles

Kid's Activities - N221
Science coloring books

Coding with Robots - N223
Learn basic computer programing using Ozobots

Heart Hotwheels - N224
Racetrack demonstrates how the cardiovascular system works

We are all made of cells - N229
Explore various cells,  and build a cell model

Third Floor

Chemistry of Minerals - Lobby
Learn about the chemistry of minerals and rocks

Magnetite from Sand - Lobby
Extract magnetite from sand and study magnetic field lines

Rocks and Minerals Scavenger Hunt - Lobby
Learn fun facts about the physical and chemical properties of rocks and minerals and search for a specimen in a mine dump pile

Chemical Elements of the Earths Crust - Lobby
Learn about the elements of the periodic table that are naturally found in rocks and minerals

Geochemical Exploration - N322
Learn about the elements of the periodic table that are naturally found in rocks and minerals

Microbes are Everywhere - N334
Observe dozens of microscopic organisms  including those from campus pond water, local sewage, and the always endearing water bear


Greenhouse - Tour and Potting your own plant

Trans California Pathway - Use GPS to discover native plants and make your own leaf bookmark.

TID/MID Educational Trailer: Water & Electricity - Learn about the Tuolumne River Basin, Water Cycle, Solar Power, Energy Conservation and more

Science I

Recycling - S135-S139
Learn ways to reuse materials often considered waste

Robots in Healthcare - S203
Using technology to teach about health care

Psychology activities - S127 & S129