Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures

Download: Driving Privileges & Use of Motor Vehicles.pdf

You are the University driver and it is immediately following the accident:

  • At the accident scene, do not admit fault or make any promises that the State of California or California State University, Stanislaus will pay for any damages. Using the Std 269 card that should be in your vehicle glove compartment, write down as much information as you can. Tear off the perforated part and give it to the other driver.
  • If you or any other party involved suffered significant bodily injury or property damage, report the accident immediately to Stan State Public Safety and the Risk Manager.
  • If the accident did not happen on the Turlock campus, you must complete the Vehicle Accident Report Std 270 (.pdf) within 48 hours following the accident. Have a Public Safety Officer review the Std 270 and you both sign it. If the accident did happen on a Turlock campus road, a Public Safety Officer will investigate the scene, complete the Std 270 (.pdf) and you will both sign it.
  • Public Safety will obtain any additional accident reports filed by local police or the California Highway Patrol. Public Safety will send the Std 270 and other accident reports, if applicable, to the University Risk Manager, who will contact (ORIM) (See Resources below) the California State Office of Risk and Insurance Manager in Sacramento (ORIM).
  • ORIM will open a claim and investigate to determine fault. If the University driver is at fault, ORIM will handle the claim and settle payment. If the University driver is not at fault, ORIM will return the claim to the University Risk Manager for settlement.
  • If you are contacted by the other driver, their insurance company or their attorney, give the caller no written or recorded statements and refer them to the ORIM claims adjuster or the University Risk Manager.
  • If the accident has attracted media attention, refer them to University Communications Public Information Officer.

You are the University driver's immediate supervisor:

  • Review the Vehicle Accident Report Std 270 to attest to the fact that the employee was on official University business.
  • Conduct a prompt and through investigation of the vehicle accident and initiate any verbal or written correction with the employee driver.
  • Complete the Supervisor's Review of Motor Vehicle Accident Std 274 (.pdf) and forward it to the University Risk Manager. The purpose of the Std 274 form is to determine whether the accident was avoidable and to aid in the prevention of future vehicle accidents.

Whoever you are, if contacted by the claimant:

  • Make no promises or commitments to the claimants that their claim will be paid!
  • Refer claimants directly to your claims adjuster at ORIM or to the University Risk Manager.

You are the University driver, and you have been served with a Small Claims Court summons and complaint:

  • You will have to appear as ordered! ORIM or CSU General Counsel cannot appear either with you or on your behalf in Small Claims Court.
  • ORIM can provide you with copies of documents from their file as well as advice on how to proceed to defend yourself and your employer. You may take your supervisor or Public Safety Officer along with you to the trial.
  • When you receive the verdict or judgment (usually by mail), call ORIM promptly (See Resources below) to advise them of the results.

You are the University driver, and you have been served with a Municipal or Superior Court summons and complaint:

  • Call ORIM (See resources below) immediately to obtain instructions on how to obtain defense counsel. An answer must be filed within 30 days of service to avoid a default judgment.


University Public Safety/Risk Management
Phone: (209) 667-3114

Public Information Officer
Phone: (209) 667-3997

Phone: (916) 376-5302