Academic Field Trip

A field trip is any off-campus trip or activity where academic course credit is granted. Contact the Office of International Education at (209) 667-3117 or visit thier page Extended and International Education, for field trips which occur out of the country.

For more information on guidelines and forms for Academic Field trip go to Field Trip Guidelines

Camp Risk and Insurance 

Planning a camp or clinic on campus? There are special considerations and guidelines to manage the risk and insurance for sports and academic camps held at Stanislaus State. 

Certificate of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance provides evidence that the University maintains appropriate insurance at the levels required by an off-campus entity. A Certificate of Insurance with an Additional Insured Endorsement provides evidence that the University maintains appropriate insurance at the levels required by an off-campus entity and extends insurance coverage to that entity. Request a certificate of Insurance here.

Insurance Claims Process

For Information About Filing an Accidental Loss Claim (Tort) Against California State University, Stanislaus and the procedures visit the Insurance Claims Process

International Travel

The internation travel process is in addition to normal university business travel requirements set forth by the Stanislaus State Travel Services. Instructions for travel request can be viewed here along with links and documents that are required. 

Release of Liability Waivers

Releases of Liability, or "Releases" are legal documents that transfer responsibility for injuries and property damage to the participant. Releases must be read and signed by persons who voluntarily participate in University activities/trips that may have some additional risk. Releases protect University, faculty and staff from liability. Releases inform the participants about possible risks associated with the activity/trip.

Release of Liability FAQ's can be viewed for more information. 

Special Events Safety Planning

When planning a special event, there are many things that one must think about to ensure safety for everyone involved. In general a special event: Is nonroutine; Places a strain on University resources; Requires additional planning, preparation, mitigation, or policy/permit compliance.Visit our Special Event Safety Planning page for more information on guidelines, reservation and more. 

Sponsored Programs for Public

Planning a sponsored program open to the public on campus? There are special considerations and guidelines necessary to manage the risk. For steps on how to plan a safe and succesful program involving the public view our guidelines here.

Temporary Food Services

To ensure the health and safety of our campus community everyone on campus is expected to comply with the following regulations and guidelines. Food service on campus is regulated by the Stanislaus State Food Policy, California Retail Food Code (CalCode), with guidance from the Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources. Proper compliance with this process will assure liability coverage.

To serve or sell food at an event on campus you must complete a Temporary Food Permit.