Documents & Forms

CSU Risk Management Policy - Executive Order 715.pdf

Academic Field Trip Additional Information.pdf

Academic Field Trip Coordinator Planning Checklist.pdf

Activity Release of Liability.pdf

Alcohol Policy & Procedures.pdf

Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business Form STD 261.pdf

Avian & Pandemic Flu - Campus Guidance.pdf

California Retail Food Code.pdf

Camp Insurance Roster.pdf

Camp | Clinic Risk Assesment.pdf

Camp Participant Release - Sport.pdf

Campus Wide Safety Committee Charge.pdf

- See: Minutes

Claims Process.doc

Computer User's Guide.pdf

Concert Policy.pdf

CSU High Hazard Country List 2012-2013.pdf

CSU Volunteer ID.doc

Custom Release of Liability Application.pdf

Defensive Driver Registration Form

Driving Privileges & Use of Motor Vehicles.pdf

Electrical Safety Program.pdf

Electronic Waste Collection Form.pdf

Electronic Waste Disposal Instructions.pdf

Emergency Response Plan.pdf

Employee Medical Monitoring Program.pdf

Ergonomic Instructions.pdf

Executive Order 715.pdf

Field Trip Liability Release.pdf

Field Trip Site Evaluation.pdf

Fire Safety Program.pdf

The Flu & You Pocket Guide.pdf

Food Sales | Distribution Policy.pdf

- How food can become contaminated.pdf

- Minimum internal cooking temperature.pdf

- Proper temperature for hot & cold holding.pdf

- Proper ways to serve food.pdf

- Student Organization Food Service Instructions.pdf

Hearing Conservation Program.pdf

Injury Illness Prevention Plan.pdf

Nomination Form.pdf

- See: Safety Award Policy

Non-Athletic Camp Clinic Release of Liability.pdf

Pandemic Plan.pdf

Potluck Form.pdf

Printer Toner Cartridge Recycling Instructions.pdf

Route Map.pdf

(for Small Vehicle Safety Program)

Safety Award Policy.pdf

Safety Instruction Verification & Agreement Form.pdf

Shuttle Cart Request Form.pdf

Small Vehicles Rules for Safe Operation Renewal.pdf

Small Vehicle Safety Program.pdf

Smoking Policy.pdf

Special Event Safety Compliance Information Sheet.pdf

Special Event Safety Plan (SESP).pdf

Student Hold Policy Supervisor's Review of Motor Vehicle Accident Std 274.pdf

Temporary Food Permit.pdf

University Insurance Programs.pdf (General Information)

Vehicle Accident ID Card Std 269 Card.pdf

Vehicle Accident Report Std 270.pdf

Vendor Data Record form.pdf

Insurance Requirements for Vendors and Outside Groups Using Campus Facilities.pdf

Workplace Violence Policy.pdf

- See: Workplace Violence Policy

- See: Emergency website

- Training: Workplace Violence Course