Reorganization Committee - Phase 2

Campus Colleagues:

The Ad Hoc Committee on College Reorganization – Phase 2 – held its first meeting on Monday, February 27, in N382.  This website has been created to provide you with links to relevant documents, agenda and notes of our meetings, and a contact list for information exchange.

Many of you will recall that the Phase 1 committee filed its proposals for academic organization/ restructuring last May, offering up 6 options:

Our Phase 2 committee charge (Policy on Academic Organization, approved in 2004) is to:

"… evaluate the proposal [of the Phase 1 report] and provide a report to the P/VPAA, the SEC, the Faculty Speaker, the dean(s), director(s), department chair(s) and the faculty/staff of the units involved."

"As part of its deliberative process, the ad hoc committee shall hold at least one open forum where individuals may express their opinions about the proposal.  Announcement of this open session shall be made well enough in advance to insure adequate notice."

The date/time of the open forum will be announced soon.  Other relevant documents are:

Please review the 6 options in the Phase 1 report and communicate your preference(s) to me or other committee members. In addition, a survey is also being prepared that will allow you to respond anonymously to the different options.

Thank you very much for your attention and thoughtful feedback on this important matter.

Ken Schoenly 
Chair, CRC – Phase 2


Meeting Date Documentation
February 27, 2012 Meeting Agenda.pdf Meeting Notes.pdf
March 9, 2012 Meeting Agenda.pdf Meeting Notes.pdf
March 19, 2012 Meeting Agenda.pdf Meeting Notes.pdf
March 26, 2012 Meeting Agenda.pdf  
March 28, 2012 Open Forum Forum Slides.pdf Forum Notes.doc
March 29, 2012 Open Forum Forum Notes.doc
April 2, 2012 Meeting Agenda.pdf Meeting Notes.pdf