Center for Direct Instruction

The Center for Direct Instruction is an on-campus clinic attached to the Department of Psychology and jointly administered by faculty from Psychology and Special Education (Department of Advanced Studies).

The Center for Direct Instruction provides services to children and adolescents experiencing difficulties in reading.

  • Since 1979, the Center for Direct Instruction has provided services to approximately 2,000 school-age students.
  • Students participating in programs at the Center include the "average" learner who simply has more difficulty with reading as well as those identified as "learning disabled, hyperactive, or dyslexic."
  • Students are from the lower elementary grades up through high school.

The Center offers three (3) sessions a year which coincide with the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters at Stanislaus State. The fall and summer sessions are approximately 10 weeks long and the children attend 2 afternoons each week after school. During the summer the children attend 4 afternoons each week for one (1) month.

The Center uses empirically validated teaching materials and procedures specifically designed to produce success with students needing assistance beyond regular school offerings.

Children are taught in small groups of 2-4 students of similar needs and abilities.

Testing at the beginning and end of each session determine if the Center's offerings are appropriate for each child and how much progress was made during the session

Participation is part of an on-going program with the school or as an independent instructional activity.

Referrals to the Center come from school district personnel as well as parents whose children are currently or previously attended the Center.

Outcome measures show the Center to be highly successful with even "hard to teach" learners. Results have been presented at both regional and national conferences.

The Directors of the Center are faculty from Psychology and Special Education: Drs. Cathy Watkins and Jane Howard.

For more information including fees, start dates, etc., contact The Center for Direct Instruction at (209) 667-3561 or e-mail.

Practica and fieldwork opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in Psychology and Special Education

The Center comprises an outstanding opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students in Psychology and Special Education to receive close supervision while they broaden their experience and improve their skills with school age children with academic and behavioral needs.

Its on-campus facility provides supervisors and Stan State students with the capacity to videotape sessions and participate in "live" supervision (through remote TV cameras) helps ensure a very high quality training experiences.

Students course credit which is applied towards a B.A. degree in Psychology or Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Exceptional Children and Youth. Post-baccalaureate and graduate students receive credit towards a M.S. in Behavior Analysis or a Special Education Teaching Credential.

For more information related to receiving fieldwork or practica credit, contact:

Jane Howard, Ph.D., Psychology Department by phone at (209) 667-3504 or by e-mail.

Cathy Watkins, Ph.D., Department of Advanced Studies in Education by phone (209) 667-3578 or by e-mail.