Time Management Test

Time Management Test

How Well do You Manage Your Time?


  1. I think that daily planning guides are a waste of time.
  2. My academic goals are pretty clear to me.
  3. Leaving assignments until the last minute is a big problem for me.
  4. I organize my time very well.
  5. I wish I were more motivated.
  6. It's easy for me to cut short visits with people who drop by when I'm studying.
  7. Visitors should feel free to see me whenever they want.
  8. I know which activities in my life are important to focus on and which ones aren't.
  9. I'm a perfectionist in everything I do.
  10. I have enough time to pursue leisure activities.


Odd-numbered statements, 1 point for each YES.
Even-numbered statements, 1 point for each NO.

If your Score is:

1-2 - You're probably on top of things but still can improve.
3-4 - You're treading water.
5-7 - Managing your time well is a problem!
8-10 - You are on the verge of chaos!