Assessing Your Study Skills - Setting Goals

Assessing Your Study Skills - Setting Goals

If you are serious in your concern for improving your study habits, it is important that you set some goals for yourself. These should be realistic and attainable in terms of your own particular strengths and weaknesses.

The following is a check list which you may find helpful in assessing your study habits. Write "true" or "false" next to each sentence then look over the results and write down goals for your program of improving study habits.

Previous Study Habits

1. ____ I usually completed all assignments on time.
2. ____ I spent more time on extracurricular activities than I did on assignments.
3. ____ Social life was more important than my studies.
4. ____ I waited until the "last minute" to complete and turn in assignments.
5. ____ I learned to say "no" to social invitations when I had assignments to complete.
6. ____ Most of the assignments I completed reflected more than "just getting by."

Efficient Use of Time

7. ____ I plan my work and study periods each day.
8. ____ I plan my study periods so that I have time for recreational and social activities.
9. ____ It takes me a long time to get to work when I sit down to study.
10. ____ I don't get enough sleep at night.
11. ____ I feel that I was too much time talking, going to movies, playing cards, etc.
12. ____ I try to schedule my study periods so that they precede or follow the class period for the subject being studied.
13. ____ I schedule weekly or daily review periods for each subject I am taking.

Habits of Study

14. ____ I organize my materials and assignments before I begin studying.
15. ____ I type out or rewrite my lecture notes as soon as possible after class.
16. ____ I concentrate my study efforts on one or two subjects per day, rather than trying to study all subjects every evening.
17. ____ I underline important points in the materials I read.
18. ____ I practice self-recitation at regular intervals during reading periods.
19. ____ If an assignment becomes difficult, I lay it aside an start something else.
20. ____ I frequently find myself daydreaming during periods of study or while in class.
21. ____ I take about five minutes out of each hour of study to rest or relax.
22. ____ I skim through a reading assignment first, then go back and read it carefully.
23. ____ I let everything pile up and then cram furiously to meet deadlines.

Work Conditions

24. ____ I have a definite place set aside for regular periods of study.
25. ____ I study with more than one person in the room only if they do not detract from my study efforts.
26. ____ My study desk is usually a cluttered collection of pictures, personal letters, etc.
27. ____ I have no definite time for beginning my studies in the evening.
28. ____ My study periods are frequently interrupted by visitors, roommates, noises, or other distractions.
29. ____ I have plenty of light and good ventilation in the area where I study.
30. ____ If I find myself worrying about the future, family, or social life during class or study period, I seek the help of a counselor.

Work In Class

31. ____ I always try to get a seat near the back of the classroom.
31. ____ Even when a question is not directed to me by the instructor, I try to answer it to myself mentally.
33. ____ I frequently participate voluntarily in class recitation.
34. ____ I arrive at my classes on time.
35. ____ If I experience problems with a certain course, I talk with the instructor about them.
36. ____ I let my feelings about the subject or the instructor influence my efforts in the course.
37. ____ I seek clarification on classes of points that are unclear to me.
38. ____ I go to class only when I feel like it.

Reading Habits

39. ____ I look for the main idea of each paragraph.
40. ____ If I come to an unfamiliar word, I look up its meaning in a good dictionary.
41. ____ I read "phrase by phrase" rather than "word by word."
42. ____ I try to read smoothly without frequently rereading a sentence to get the meaning.
43. ____ I try to increase my general vocabulary.
44. ____ I try constantly to increase my speed of reading.
45. ____ I seldom read anything else but assigned textbook or class related materials.
46. ____ I read only in the subject area in which my interest lies.
47. ____ I ignore studying charts, graphs, or tables that are found in my reading.