Irrational Thoughts

Irrational Thoughts

1. In order to be happy, I have to be successful in whatever I undertake.

2. To be happy, I must be liked by all people at all times.

3. If I make a mistake, it means that I am inept.

4. If the person I love leaves me, I can't survive/am worthless.

5. People I love will leave me because I am worthless/bad/not good.

6. If I am not in a relationship with someone now, life isn't worth living.

7. I am okay only if someone else loves me.

8. If somebody disagrees with me, it means he or she doesn't like me.

9. My value as a person depends on what others think of me.

10. Failures, deprivations, mistakes matter more than successes.

11. If I criticize myself first, maybe others won't criticize me.

12. I am responsible for all bad things, failures or misfortunes that happen around me.

13. If it has been true in the past, then it's always going to be true.

14. I am the center of everyone's attention - especially my bad performances.

15. Things never turn out the way you want them to.

16. Everything either is one extreme or another (black or white; good or bad).

17. If it's not perfect, it's a failure.